Lyft has landed in Stephenville

Joseph Kamin, Editor-in-Chief

“I signed up last spring because it was recommended when I got laid off off, but no one reached out for a ride until a few weekends ago when I received a text from my neighbor asking if I was driving for Lyft,” says Lori Curst, a Lyft Driver. “But I work during the day, so I only can drive for Lyft in the evenings.”

“Over the past few weekends, I’ve only had around 26 passengers,” Curst explained. “Nearly every single one of them have been college students. With the exception of two gentlemen one night.”

In Stephenville, Lyft has a minimum charge of $4.20 and a service fee of $2.20 which make their cheapest ride $6.40. However, the price can increase by $1 per mile and 17 cents per minute.

“To me it isn’t just money or competition, its about saving lives and being there meeting new people,” Curst said. “I don’t get paid what I spend in gas for that yellow truck most of the time since its so new to the area and not well known.”

Prior to Lyft being established in Stephenville, Taxiville was the only option for Stephenville residents. Taxiville was founded in the summer of 2017 by Emily Thompson and her husband Taezer Thompson. The minimum charge for a ride in Taxiville is $8 for any one way trip inside of Stephenville city limits.

“We’re aware that they charge less, but we’re leaving the costs where they are,” Emily Thompson explained. “We’ve researched the costs and they’re the cheapest we can make them, while still surviving as a business.”

According to the Lyft app, there are currently three drivers in the Stephenville area. According to Curst, this eases some worries that she had.

“Back when I was the only Lyft driver in town, I wanted to know those that I gave rides to made it home since they did not have a vehicle,” Curst explained. “I was worried that if I was the only one driving or was on another ride call they would be left waiting, walking in the cold, or even grabbing rides from friends that chose to drink and drive. Now that others are driving for Lyft I don’t have to worry as much. There is nothing wrong to be young and want to party and socialize. But do so without taking a risk. Reach out to someone sober to get you to and from. Whether it be Lyft or a Taxi service.”