OP-ED: What’s great about the Best Kept Secret in Texas

Megan Atkinson, Guest Writer

Photo courtesy of Megan Atkinson
Tarleton State University is known as the best secret kept in Texas, Why? From personal experience, Tarleton helps all students succeed. Tarleton also hosts so many events to get the student body involved in campus affairs and events; keeping the student body active, so students won’t sit in a residence hall all day. Before getting to know what the Tarleton campus is like and finding friends, I went to Duck Camp. Going to Duck Camp was a great experience full of singing, dancing, crazy games and most of all meeting your future classmates or friends. Your momma and daddy ducks are going to be included as friends and as guidance while on the Tarleton campus.

Once school began, some of the events I enjoyed from the moment I stepped on the Tarleton campus were: Rec Fest, Lighting of the Christmas Tree, Homecoming Week, Bonfire, Bingo nights, Yell Contest and movie nights with my Residential Leader.  My favorite week, by far, on campus would be Homecoming Week. There’s so much to do and see: the beating of the drum, purple pancakes, lighting of the smokestack, yell contest, releasing of the ducks, Bonfire and snake dancing are all events that students go to celebrate some of the many traditions on campus.  One of the best kept secret traditions on campus would be the Purple Poo; they are a blast to talk to and see on campus. Seeing someone like the Purple Poo on campus makes for a great day; the Poo are always at events around campus and always bringing the life of the party to the student body.

Need to get out and about but no events interest you? Try the Recreation Sports Center! The campus rec center has a unique rock-climbing wall. Rock-climbing is a great stress reliever and keeps your mind busy. Not interested in rock climbing? Try some of the many classes offered throughout the week in the rec centers classroom; my personal favorites are dance fitness, trampoline, yoga, Zumba and cycling. The rec also offers a variety of trips and events with outdoor pursuits getting active and getting off campus interest many students.

Need help on campus? Here are some of my favorite places on campus to help bring your grade up a whole letter: the math clinic, the writing center and Texans for Texans Tutoring service. These services are plenty of help to help start or finish any paper or help with those picky homework problems. Tarleton helps many students succeed and prosper into the future. Tarleton has amazing student involvement anywhere on the Tarleton campus you can find the help of a student helping other students in need. Tarleton’s career services and academic advising centers are tons of help when needing help deciding what classes to take, making a roadmap with your degree plan and helping you find jobs and internships now and after graduation. The advice that students receive from professors, tutors, Supplemental Instructors, Residential Leaders and staff, helps all students succeed to their maximum potential; knowing any amount of information about any class or event on campus helps the student body significantly.

I came to Tarleton knowing that my future was planned out and ready to be worked on. I joined the College of Business of Administration, because not only did they have my major and people who could help my future with my certain degree; but because the College of Business Administration has 100 percent job placement after graduation. With the knowledge of having a set major and set future plan, I felt confident on receiving my degree and finding a job that works for me, thanks to the help here at Tarleton. Tarleton was built on tradition, excellence, service, integrity, civility and leadership; every aspect of Tarleton is based on these six values. Tradition on the Tarleton campus comes in many forms; I personally enjoy Purple Thursdays as one of the year-round traditions. Coming to Tarleton I knew that I was going to enjoy being a Texan and I’m bound to leave my mark at Tarleton. Tarleton has provided so many wonders that could fit any personality and grant you once and a lifetime opportunity, I’m happy I made the choice to start my future off as a Texan!