Kayla Lucio an Alpha Gamma Delta, TTM and Homecoming Queen

Kristen Bowman, Contributor

The JTAC Brittainie Cason
Homecoming King and Queen Omar Herrera and Kayla Lucio stand together after being crowned at the Homecoming football game on Oct. 20.

On Saturday during the halftime of the homecoming football game, the 2017 Homecoming Queen, Madison Minor, crowned the 2018 Homecoming Queen, Kayla Lucio. 

Lucio is a native Texan who was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. She moved to Crowley, Texas when she was very young, even before she was in grade school. She graduated from Crowley High School in 2015 and later that year made her way to Stephenville, Texas. Lucio chose Tarleton as her home away from home because of the feeling she got when she toured the campus.

“I picked Tarleton because once I came on my tour I just knew I was at home,” stated Lucio. “It’s such a small tight nit community and I knew that I would feel so at home here rather than a big university.”

Lucio is an Agricultural Education major. Lucio attributes her love for agriculture was another key component in her selecting of universities. Lucio was involved in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) in high school and loved it. Lucio hopes to one day share her passion for agriculture with students. Lucio’s favorite of all her classes has been her livestock management class. While Lucio loves all of her Ag classes, this one stands out because of her interest in the topic. Lucio’s favorite professor is Mrs. Jennifer McGregor, Assistant Professor for Curriculum and Instruction. Lucio states that McGregor has a wonderful ability to teach and the ability to relate to students.

Lucio hopes to use her degree to one day travel the world and be a livestock photographer. This would allow her to be able to combined multiple passions into one. Lucio has loved photography since she was little and she enjoys seeing the world. When she would go on trips she would be the one taking pictures of the sights and the livestock.

However, Lucio would not have been so successful in her degree had it not been for the people who have helped to support her. Lucio said her friends inspire her as they help to make a difference on campus and in the community. Lucio loves to get to spend time with her friends and her dog. Additionally, one of Lucio’s biggest fans in her mother. Lucio explained that her mother is her role model.

“She’s just such a powerful woman and so passionate about everything she puts her heart into,” said Lucio.

Over the duration of her time on campus, Lucio knew that she wanted to gain more than just a degree. Lucio became heavily involved in Greek Life, Campus Life and volunteer opportunities. Lucio plays an important role as an executive member for Round Up, has been a Tarleton Transition Mentor (TTM) for two years, served as the Vice President of Recruitment for Alpha Gamma Delta and has been on the Orientation Staff. Through each of these organizations she has been able to meet people, make friends, and form lifelong bonds. When asked about which was her favorite of all the organizations Lucio could not select one.

“I can’t pick just one,” stated Lucio. “I love all the organizations I’m in, I wouldn’t be in them if it wasn’t for someone I met in the other organization.”

Lucio’s favorite Core Value is service. She enjoys getting to give back to the university that has given her so much. She is grateful for the people who helped encourage her to get involved and give back. One person who lead her down this path is her fiancé, Wacey Horton, helped Lucio to get involved and encouraged her to try her best at everything she became involved in.

“I have a big heart for service,” explained Lucio. “I love participating in events like Tarleton service day, Round Up and smaller events through tour my organization.”

The JTAC Brittainie Cason
Kayla Lucio and Parker Smith stand together during the announcement of Homecoming King and Queen during the Homecoming celebration on Oct 20.

Furthermore, Lucio’s favorite traditions are Yell Contest and the Purple Poo. Lucio’s favorite location on campus is the Thompson Student Center. Lucio explained that this is the heart of the campus because all students are welcome here.

Lucio is set to graduate in December 2019.While Lucio knows that she will be sad to leave, Lucio is excited about the real world lessons that she has learned here. Lucio knows that she will have a better career because of what she has learned in class and a better life because of everything that she has learned outside of class. Lucio is excited to come back as an alumni and see how much more the campus will grow.

When asked about why Lucio won Homecoming Queen, Lucio stated that she does not know why she won. She knows that she has had an impact on others, but she did not expect that impact to be so great that she would win this honor.

Lucio explained that winning has not changed her view of her education. Lucio knows that no matter what, she would have still felt at home here. She knows that she has had a great impact on this campus and she will continue to be a leader. Lucio hopes that other people can look to her as an example of the leader that they can become.