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May 14, 1946 issue of The JTAC

In the May 14, 1946 a resolution was unanimously passed which backed the tentative plans for a $75,000 a stadium to be named Memorial Stadium. According to the Tarleton website Memorial stadium was constructed in 1951 and ended up costing $100,000. The stadium was named in honor of 179 former Tarleton students and faculty members who died in World War 2. Tarleton is currently undergoing a $24 million renovation of Memorial stadium which began in Summer of 2017 and is excepted to be completed by Fall 2019. This renovation is expected to change the seating layout, boost student capacity to more than 9,000, improve the entrances and concession stands and improving the press box.

As well as the resolution for memorial stadium, Dean Howell introduced to students and explained an amendment which would enable the state of Texas to pay for Tarleton’s Science building. This is would pave the way for the current Lamar Johnson Science Building.

This issue also announced the return of Journalism courses for Fall 1946. While Tarleton had previously offered courses in journalism from 1941-42, the classes were canceled during the war years. 

The registrar’s office announced 28 graduates for the Spring 1946 semester. During the years surrounding WWII the enrollment numbers at Tarleton dropped, as it did for many colleges across the nation. According to the Tarleton website, in the 2017-18 academic year there were 2121 graduates just from the Stephenville campus, with the Midlothian campus reporting only 88 graduates.