44 years and 13 days ago in The JTAC


Photo courtesy of TexasHistory.unt.edu

Feb. 6, 1975 issue of The JTAC

On February 6, 1975, Tarleton State University employees received a raise ranging from $48 to $174. As reported in The JTAC, employees who made less than $876 received a 13 percent raise, employees who made between $876 and $1,267 received a $124 raise, employees who made from $1,267 to $1,935 received a 9 percent raise and employees who made over $1,935 received a $174 raise. The raise of salary was after the Texas Association of College Teachers requested a 20 percent raise. While the raise was only half of what was requested, Dr. Howard Whitney, an assistant professor of social science and president of the 1975 TACT chapter, said that “we feel quite happy to get what we got.” According to Indeed, the current average Tarleton salary ranges from $25,776 per year for Assistant Teacher to $70,546 per year for Assistant Professor.