Adam Hood’s second time around at LJT Texas Music Festival


Photo courtesy of Adam Hood’s Facebook page.

Adam Hood is playing Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival on April 24 on the Bud Light stage for the second time.

Alabama native singer and songwriter, Adam Hood, will be performing for the second time at the 2019 Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival. Hood started singing when he was about 14 years old and hasn’t stopped since.

“I started performing probably between 16 and 18, there was this place in my hometown that I would play one Friday and Saturday a month,” Hood said.

Not only is Hood a talented vocalist he also has a career in songwriting.

“I’ve kind of written as long as I have been singing but right out of high school I started actually finishing songs and having the courage to play them out in front of people and then I finally worked up the nerve to put it on a record,” Hood said.

Hood is an established staff writer with a publishing deal and has written for other artists such as Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, Chris Stapleton and more.

“I couldn’t do one without the other [singing and songwriting] in my career now so it’s kind of nice, I don’t know if I expected to have that balance,” Hood said.

Of all the songs Hood has written for himself he believes “Million Miles Away” is his biggest hit.

“I never released that song as a single or anything, but just the fact that a song that I wrote nearly 20-25 years ago that people still want to hear, that’s pretty impressive to me,” Hood said.

Out of all the songs Hood has written for other artist he believes that “’I’ll Sing About Mine’ that is on the Josh Abbott Band’s record is one of the most successful charting song that I had,” Hood said.

Hoods most recent album came out in October of 2018 called “Somewhere in Between.”

“This new record is a little less production and we just took more of an organic approach,” Hood said. “Judging by the response that people have given me I think that they are taking it really well”.

Out of all the songs on the new album Hood has become most fond of a certain three.

“I have different favorite songs, ‘Downturn’ is one of my favorites that I wrote with Jason Eady, I like the music in ‘The Weekend’ it’s a lot of fun to play and then there is a song called ‘Real Small Town’ I wrote with William Clark Green and I like that song a lot,” Hood said. “It’s hard to pick a favorite”.

Hood has a special appreciation for those who have been with him since this all started.

“If people have persevered with me through the growth and the learning that is something I really appreciate because I know it’s not easy and I know that people give up on bands really fast nowadays,” Hood said. “It’s the people that weathered the growth with me and that’s really, really nice.”

With LJT just around the corner Hood is ready to experience it again.

“I am really excited to come back this year and have a little hang time and see friends, watch the show, and talk to a lot of people that I don’t normally get a chance to talk to,” Hood said. “We are just thankful to be a part of the festival, it’s an honor and a privilege to do it.”

Make sure to check out Adam Hood at LJT on the Bud Light stage on Wednesday, April 24 at 5:00 p.m.