Prophets and Outlaws take center stage at LJT


Photo courtesy of Prophets and Outlaw’s Facebook.

Prophets and Outlaws are getting their game faces on to play LJT for another year.

As the Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival fast approaches, many musicians and bands are preparing to make their performance. Prophets and Outlaws is one of these musical groups that will be performing at LJT this year.

Prophets and Outlaws is a five-man musical crew that specializes in instrumental groove, relatable lyrics and an authentic five-part harmony.

As co-founding member and Vocals/Guitar Matt Boggs puts it, they began their musical journey with brothers Stevie and James Guckenheimer and himself, “(playing) music together since our days at Jesuit (High School) in Dallas (Texas, as the) Class of 2003,” said Boggs.

Through a close knitted circle of musical friend and family in Dallas, they soon found Jamie “Jelly” Ringholm and CJ Thompson, making them the five-strong band they are known as now. With Boggs on Vocals and Guitar, Stevie G on Lead Guitar and Vocals, James G on Drums and Vocals, ‘Jelly’ Ringholm on Keys, Organ and Vocals and Thompson on Bass and Vocals. Following their time at Jesuit, members of the group found themselves at The University of Oklahoma, where the group had their first performance. It was thanks to the support from Boggs’ fraternity brothers from Lambda Chi Alpha that the group was able to hold their first show.

“My fraternity (brothers in) Lambda Chi Alpha helped us sell out (our first show),” said Boggs.

Photo courtesy of Prophets and Outlaw’s Instagram.
Prophets and Outlaws played LJT Texas Music Festival last year and are getting to play the Bud Light stage on Saturday April 27.

Following their first show, the group worked towards organizing their first tour.

“We always wanted to tour but it didn’t make sense until we put our first song, Soul Shop, on the radio,” said Boggs.

Near a decade after their song debuted on the radio, it was not long until the group found themselves with a massive following spanning across the Southern and Midwestern States. The group has also gathered an online community of more than 25,000 active fans.

With many followers supporting the group, Boggs appreciates the support, giving “Thanks (to the fans) for creating a ‘home’ for us.”

The group has released and performed a number of songs.

Their latest song, “Sweet Soft Southern Smile” has become very successful that, according to Boggs, “(The song) inspired quite a lot of baby making in 2018. (The group’s) least favorite is ‘Free Bird’ unless you’re tipping us money.”

As the group prepares to take center stage at their favorite venue, the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival, Boggs comments that he’s, “going to light my guitar on fire.”

That aside, Boggs, on behalf of the entire group, wishes to express a, “thank you to all the fans going to live shows and supporting independent artists. Y’all make all the hard work worth it,” said Boggs.