Tell the fans, Ray Wylie Hubbard is getting to LJT as fast as he can

Ray Wylie Hubbard has been a part of the music scene for 50 years, as he began performing believing in the promise of “beer and girls” as he described in an interview with The JTAC.

During his time performing on a professional level, Hubbard has released a large number of albums, from his first release of “Lost Train of Thought” in 1991 to his most popular album “Dangerous Spirits” in 1997 and his most recent album, “Tell The Devil I’m Getting There As fast As I Can” in 2017.

Hubbard’s song “Desperate Man” according to him, has been his biggest hit.

“(Which) I co-wrote with Eric Church, went to #1 on Billboard Charts,” said Hubbard. Alongside from this hit, Hubbard has found himself granting the all-time favorite song to perform to, “all of them, I wouldn’t perform something I didn’t enjoy.”

As he has worked on many of his renowned tracks, Hubbard has looked up towards and has been influenced by artist such as, “Lightin’ Hopkins, Tony Joe White (and) Jerry Jeff Walker.”

Over the years as Hubbard grew his discography and his fan base, he has certainly taken note of how his fans have stuck around and all the new fans.

“They (the fans) have gotten older and younger,” Hubbard said. Despite this, Hubbard has grown with them, and has shown much appreciation towards his fans, new and old, “thanks and glad you’re still alive.”

While Hubbard awaits the day he will receive an invitation to perform at the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival in 2020, he will have to settle in giving his best at his most favorite venue, the Larry Joe Taylor Music Festival, as he has exclaimed with a, “Yipeeeeeee!” when asked how excited he was to perform at LJT. He also hopes to be able to give fans new and old a chance to buy his new autobiography, “A Life…Well Lived”.

Fans can catch Hubbard at the Allsup’s stage on Thurday, April 25.