Country Classic Jamie Richards is coming to LJT

The Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival has always welcomed many artists onto its stage to perform live to the many Texas music fans whether it’s the other performers or the thousands in attendance. With many songs recognized for carrying the traditional country genre and entertaining a crowd old and new, singer-songwriter Jamie Richards is ready to take the stage of LJT for the first time and do what he knows best.

Richards is a country artist who has made his mark in the Texas scene and entertained his loyal fans with his unique blend of songs. This blend of songs has been known to steer many emotions and has risen to the top of the country music charts as a result.

Richards has been proudly performing before an audience since he was a young boy and never stopped, from church to bars to stages all over Texas making music is career.

“I first started singing at the age of four or five with my mother doing gospel music,” Richards said. “I grew up around country music and by the time I was sixteen I was already singing in the country bars in Oklahoma.”

As he worked on his songs, Richards has his inspirations in many things.

“My inspiration is a lot of things, always felt like music is something I should be doing,” Richards said. “Was inspired by many great singer, songwriters like Merle Haggard, George Jones and others.”

Before his time as a singer-songwriter, Richards worked as a staff writer for Curb Records in Nashville, Tennessee and wrote songs such as “That’s What You Get For Loving Me”, “Believe”, and “Loose, Loud and Crazy” for artist such as Hal Ketchum, Ken Mellons and Kevin Fowler.

After that string of success, Richards moved to Texas and began his work as a singer-songwriter. Richards would describe his sound as more traditional than most of the Texas artists. This new track in his career has led him to release various singles such as “Don’t Try To Find Me”, “Drive” and “I’ll Have Another” as well as albums such as “No Regrets”, “Between The Lines”, “Drive”, “Sideways” and “It’s All About The Music”. Richards plans on recording his seventh album later this year.

With many songs under his belt, Richards has plenty of big hits but there is always that one song.

“My biggest song to me is a song called ‘Last Call’,” Richards said. “’Last Call’ is also one of my favorites to perform.”

While he and his band have enjoyed performing at many venues, with the Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas being a top favorite. Richards is looking forward to performing at The Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival.

“This will be my first year to perform at LJT and that’s exciting,” Richards said. Catch Richards Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival debut performance on Saturday April 27 at the Hydro Pros Stage in LJT’s T-birds Pub.