Letter from the Editor


The JTAC/ Brittainie Cason

The flags flying in front of the the entrance of Tarleton State University.

Howdy Texans!

The editors at The JTAC want to welcome you to the best kept secret in Texas! During the next 4 years (maybe more or less) we hope your time here at Tarleton is just as amazing as it has been for us.

Whether you are a first generation student or your entire family has come to Tarleton. In the brief amount of time y’all have spent here, you have learned about how passionate the student here at Tarleton are about their school.

You’ve learned about the Spirit of Oscar P and TICKLES. So don’t be afraid to participate on campus. Trust me you won’t be the only one cheering on the teams.

Speaking of Tradition, this is the 100th anniversary of The JTAC.

The Freshman Guide from 2005. The Freshman Guide has been a staple in The JTAC publication for many years.

In 1899, the John Tarleton Agricultural College opened its doors. In 1919, just 20 years later, The John Tarleton Agricultural College published the first edition of The JTAC, the official student-run newspaper of Tarleton State University. Now in 2019, The JTAC is celebrating 100 years of being the official student-run newspaper of Tarleton.

Over the course of the 100 years of being in operation, The JTAC has recorded and reported on the news at Tarleton. The JTAC covered the change from John Tarleton Agricultural College to Tarleton State University and all of the other changes which have happened on campus. Which encompasses Tarleton events like the change from Jr. Aggies to Plowboys to Texans and the change of female athlete from Texan to TexAnn and their eventual change back to Texan. The JTAC has been here to report on events that have happened which are relevant to students.

During the centennial year of The JTAC, we will be highlighting significant and interesting stories which we have reported on during the course of our 100-year operation.

All across the country on Jan. 30 college newspapers celebrated Student Press Freedom Day. The goal of Student Press Freedom Day is to highlight and recognize the work that student journalists do all across the country on their respective campuses. Through Tarleton’s history, The JTAC has been a student-run newspaper. Regardless of the response to changes, scandals or opinions, The JTAC has been there to record it throughout the years and I think there is no better way to celebrate Student Press Freedom Day than by celebrating The JTAC and the 100 years that it has been in constant operation.

The story in the image on this page was reported 49 years, 10 months and 9 days ago when the U.S Army first approved the insignia for contracted Army ROTC cadets for Tarleton. This is the same insignia which is still used by the Corp of Cadets today.

The JTAC will be hosting several events throughout the upcoming months to celebrate our centennial year. Make sure to keep your eye on our social media and print editions for the latest updates.

This year we will be having events each month to celebrate our centennial year of publication. If you want to stay more up to date on what’s happening in or around campus add up on social media with the username The JTAC. We also have our website, jtacnews.com.