Social engagement with the Lavender Experiment

Cassie Labay, Contributor

Tarleton student and the President and founder of the Lavender Experiment, Kevin Guzman, has introduced a unique method to “encourage social engagement.” Guzman created a club focused on exploring oneself, to open up the opportunity of creating connections with others.

As students and citizens of a disconnected society, it has become increasingly important to dedicate time and effort to forming meaningful relationships.

David Brooks, a political and cultural commentator for the New York Times, whose TED talk greatly inspired the Lavender Experiment said, “the things that make people happy are the deep relationships of life.”

This is an idea that Guzman has hinged on in creating and inspiring his group. The organic principle behind the social engagement is learning how to unlock things about yourself that make you better, and beginning to understand those aspects, then applying them to understand or acknowledge others.

The Lavender Experiment aims to promote an area or opportunity for those with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and lifestyles to come together and collaborate with people who differ from them. Once you begin to understand yourself you can understand and grow with others, creating connections.

Guzman also believes that forming deep connections can promote social growth and contribute to overall professional growth as well. Currently, roughly fifteen people are actively involved with the Lavender Experiment.

Seeing as this is Guzman’s last year at Tarleton, he strives to “set the best foundation for the incoming president and executive team,” thus leading them to a future of standing alongside large organizations on campus such as the “Tarleton Activities Board, Student Government Association and the Residents Hall Association,” to create a collaborative stage for each and every student alike. If the Lavender Experiment were to one day be equal to these organizations, they would be able to create a diverse and open-minded platform for students.

As the president of the Lavender Experiment, Guzman advises all students to give this club a chance and come open-minded and ready to grow. Their club is a part of a niche that is open and judgement free, where everyone can learn about themselves and others.

To get involved with the Lavender Experiment you can attend bi-weekly meetings, or contact Kevin Guzman ([email protected]) to obtain further information. The meetings are held in Grant 123, the glass cylindrical addition to the OA Grant building.

Additionally, Guzman is seeking any students interested in joining a film crew that would showcase the Lavender Experiment, their projects, and any events they hold. If interested contact Kevin Guzman ([email protected]).