The importance of The Tarleton Grassburr


Hannah Bahlmann/The JTAC

Omar Herera, Joseph Seaman, Hannah Ekwall, and Shelby Smith promote the Grassburr with the Purple Poo. The Grassburr is the official yearbook of Tarleton, started in 1916.

Being a person who has been super involved in campus, I have seen many people giddy and excited when their picture is taken on a camera and later ask to see it. It has brought me joy over the past three years to have been able to enjoy this and also to be in those photos sometimes.

Many people have always wondered, where do the pictures go and how can they obtain them? I reassure them that the pictures are being used for the Grassburr yearbook and then I get to explain my wonderful job and what all I do.

For the past three years, I have worked at Student Publications as either a contributor, Content Editor or now the new Editor-in-Chief for the Grassburr. I have loved going and capturing moments that other people are doing and putting it together in the yearbook.

I have been involved in the Tarleton Transition Mentor program as well as Greek life. From these two organizations alone, I have met numerous people who have been excited to see their pictures featured in the Grassburr.

A lot of people have so much love for their respected organizations that they want to remember all the good times they had at events and the memories they made with their dearest friends.

All the traditions on campus, such as Homecoming week events, philanthropy events and other events that happen throughout the year, students love to look back at those memories.

I myself, have loved to see everything that I was a part in, such as the Homecoming page when I won Homecoming King in 2018, my old fraternity and even looking at some of my friends accomplishing goals.

All of these factors apply to everyone: to reminisce over our glory days and enjoy these memories that have surrounded during our time at Tarleton.

One of my favorite Core Values is Tradition. Many traditions have lasted 50+ years here at Tarleton. This is a core value that I truly feel I embody every day in trying my best to keep the spirit alive. If you think about it, I still am doing that to this day.

As the Editor-in-Chief, this yearbook will be created and passed on through the years to come. It will become a piece of this school, as it has in the years beforehand. That is what has been done for over one hundred years now.

Since the book was created in 1916, it has gone through so many changes it the way it was designed and laid out.

Having access to these books gives us a much closer look at how Tarleton was back in the day and just how much it has grown over the years. It is beautiful to see the evolution and how well the book has been perceived. The traditions that Tarleton has been practicing for years are located all in this book.

It is all so amazing, and the fact that the thought of this book being terminated is quite sad. I would love to remember the glory days of good ole’ Stephenville, Tarleton and my college career.

The Grassburr has a lot of misconceptions that come with, the primary one being “Do I have to pay for it?”

The beautiful thing about that is that you already have! Technically speaking, all undergraduates have paid for it, with it averaging to approximately $5 – 6 dollars per student each semester. Every time I ask people if they want to pick theirs up, they either ask how much it is or what is it. With the distribution events that we have been hosting this semester, along with our JTAC newspaper, we have given a lot of students hope and memories for our other upperclassmen. It makes me happy to see that a lot of people are excited to get their yearbooks or even the newspaper.

Everything is so interesting to them and I have loved seeing all the good that we have done. This year so far, we have distributed 800+ books and plan to keep doing that more and more. We plan on having another big distribution event next semester, that will remain secretive until it gets closer to having it.

We are stationed every Thursday until the 14th November to handout Grassburrs and Newspapers. These events will continue next semester once we return from winter break. We hope to keep all of the students well informed and to hopefully get more students interested in our articles. Our plan is to keep the Tradition alive and do the best that we can for Tarleton and all the students who embody the best kept secret in Texas!