Tarleton’s campus store is now mobile


Klaire Brock/The JTAC

Tarleton’s campus store will have their mobile cart outside of the dining hall every Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The campus store has implemented a small mobile stand traveling around campus. It’s like a mini version of the campus store.

The campus store is known as a place to get important supplies students are always needing. We’ve all waited till the last minute to get a scantron or a Bluebook at some point, especially during finals. It’s also the go-to store to get Tarleton gear to show off your school pride. What if there was a place to get it somewhere else on campus?

“The idea came from The University Marketing and Licensing Department,” said store manager, Carrie McCann. The department has hit a home run with the idea.

Students can find the mobile campus store at events and on campus during school hours.

“We use it for various events on campus. Some events have been football, homecoming week and “Purple Thursdays”, weather permitted,” said McCann.

During Homecoming week, the campus store was selling official Homecoming T-shirts for $24 outside the Dining hall.

Depending on what time things are going on they will sell products for that occasion. Regularly, they will offer Tarleton clothing, mugs, umbrellas, hats, keychains, etc. for anyone to purchase.

Students seem to be enjoying the stand and it has been well received.

“People like the look of the cart and it does attract students,’’ said McCann. If you have ever walked passed the mobile stand you know that it’s hard to miss. That Tarleton purple catches the eyes.

Make sure to look out for the campus store’s mobile stand when you’re walking to class this semester and show off your Tarleton gear.

You can also follow the Tarleton Campus Store on Instagram with the handle @tarleton_store. The main campus store is located at the Thompson Student Center’s main floor and is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.