Student Government Association elections start today!

The Student Government Association (SGA) has always been an important part of Tarleton State University. It is an organization full of leaders who are the student body’s voice; it is made up of three separate branches that include the executive board, judicial court, and the legislative body which could also be known as congress. Around this time each year, students are able to log into Texan Sync and nominate themselves for any position that they would like. The positions in which students can nominate themselves are; student body president, student body vice president, Mr. and Mrs. TSU, congress (which is based on your college or organization), and the last lecture series. After being nominated for a position students are able to begin campaigning until the last day of elections.

SGA candidates for 2020-2021

  • Student body president and vice president candidates are:
    • Desirae Garcia & Megan Walters
    • Adrian Manning & Kenna Furgeson
    • Cahlen Cheatham & Emily Love
  • Student Congress candidates:
    •  Athletics – Skyler Sadusky
    • CHSHS – Heather O’Daniel, Jade Smith, Marco Salazar, & Kendall Johnson
    • COBA – Jordan Dunzich, Ronald Robertson, Megan Attkinson, & Cassidy Allen
    • COAES – Samuel Blankenship, Kyle Hernandez, Noah Winters, Austin Wildman & Walker Kirk
    • COE – Athena Orsa & Marlee Goppert
    • COLFA- Annabell Sherrill, Zakaria Belbina, & Kassidy Camareno
    • COST- Kimberly Olguin & Taryn Gibbs
    • IFC – Cody Worth & Tanner Taylor
    • Panhellenic – Ciara Hall
  • Mr. & Mrs. TSU candidates:
    • Adrian Manning
    • Casey Reynolds
    • Carter Prichard
    • Emily Love
    • Cameron Ellner
    • Meagan Anderson
    • Cahlen Cheatham
    • Michelle Cooper
    • Kyle Hernandez
    • Brianna Tucker

Each position is essential to our school. As Texans it is important we vote for our leaders who will be those who represent us as a whole in order to be the best. Not only are all positions important, but so are the candidates; all students are great leaders and being a part of SGA is an amazing opportunity. This year’s elections will begin on April 6 at 9 a.m. and end April 8 at 4 p.m. Make your voice heard and vote for your SGA leaders!