Meet your Mr. and Mrs. TSU Candidates

Michelle Cooper, Ms. TSU Candidate 

Hometown: Cisco, TX

Classification: Senior

Major: Agriculture Services and Development

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan to continue my studies at Tarleton and pursue a Master’s in Communication Studies! After that, I hope to go into the marketing field!

On Campus Involvement: SGA Chief of Staff, Tarleton Transition Mentor, Marketing Assistant at the Campus Rec, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Ambassador, John Tarleton Agriculture Advocate, Honors College Student, a member of ACT, and a Texan Rep

Favorite Tradition: The Purple Poo! They represent every core value of Tarleton and bring so much joy to students.

I think more than ever it’s time to grow close to the ones who mean most to us and be there for those who need you. Tarleton is all about family and that’s what I love most about it! More than ever I want my fellow student to know they can count on me!

Meagan Anderson, Ms. TSU Candidate 

Meagan Anderson

Hometown: Round Rock, TX

Classification: Senior

Major: Kinesiology

Post-Graduation Plans: After graduation I plan on getting my entry-level Doctoral Degree in Occupational Therapy. My dream is to work with kids with disabilities and this degree will bring me one step closer!

On Campus Involvement: Tarleton Transition Mentor, Student Director for New Student Programs, Alternative Spring Break, Orientation Leader, Kinesiology and Fitness Club, Tarleton Club Volleyball team, and Unified Special Olympics!

Favorite Tradition: My absolute favorite tradition is Launching of the Ducks! I love seeing our campus come together, reflect on their goals from the previous year, and put their new goals into action.

I think this distance and virtual learning platform is a blessing in disguise. Because of it, I feel more connected and valued by my professors, and it allows us a unique opportunity to carry out Tarleton’s core values beyond our campus atmosphere.

Casey Reynolds, Ms. TSU Candidate 

Hometown: Dripping Springs, TX

Casey Reynolds

Classification: Senior

Major: Psychology

Post-Graduation Plans: After graduation, I plan to move back to Dripping Springs. I plan to either get my Alternative Teacher certification and teach Elementary school or find a Non-Profit organization to work for.

On Campus Involvement: Tarleton Transition Mentor, Orientation Staff, Alternative Spring Break, Rho Gamma, Tarleton Round Up Leadership Team 2018, Assistant Director of Sponsorship for Tarleton Round Up 2019, Vice President of New Member Education for Delta Zeta Sorority, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s Mentor, Wanda Mercer Legacy Award Recipient 2018

Favorite Tradition: My favorite Tarleton tradition is Silver Taps. This is my favorite tradition because it brings together all of Tarleton. It ties the past, present, and future Tarleton students together by having incoming freshmen ignite their flame at the beginning of their Tarleton journey. Then, coming together in the Spring to extinguish the flames of our fellow Texan family members that were called home.

Despite the distance from my fellow Tarleton Texans, I have tried to embrace the current situation. I have continued to learn, grow, and prepare myself for what is to come after this pandemic is over. My education has been my number one priority, but I have also continued to live out our core values by helping others in the community around me., as well as, I have also found alternative ways to connect with my fellow Texans to minimize the distance even through this situation.

Brianna Tucker, Ms. TSU Candidate 

Brianna Tucker

Hometown: Joshua, TX

Classification: Senior

Major: Agricultural Communications with a Minor in Communications

Post-Graduation Plans: After graduation I hope to work in the Marketing Department for an Agricultural company, specifically Digital Media.

On Campus Involvement: Alpha Gamma Delta, Texan Rep, Agricultural Communications of Tomorrow, Alpha Zeta Honors Society, National Society of Leadership and Success, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Student Worker in the Marketing Department, Honors College, Tarleton Transition Mentor.

Favorite Tradition: My favorite Tarleton tradition is Homecoming Week. I love every event that goes on and it makes me remember why I chose Tarleton.

I am continuing to grow, better, and embody all that Tarleton stands despite the distance by writing an article that outlined tips for online classes, living out the core values daily, helping the community in ways that I am able, and staying connected with fellow Texans and my teachers. Also, through my internship at Tarleton in the marketing department I am continuously thinking of ways to inspire, help, and keep students engaged with Tarleton so they don’t forget why they love this university.

Emily Love, Ms. TSU Candidate 

Hometown: Tomball, TX

Emily Love

Classification: Junior

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan on teaching while pursuing my Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Education in order to obtain a Principalship and Superintendentship! After that, I hope to move into educational policy where I can positively impact the education of tomorrow for the generations to come!

On Campus Involvement: Phi Mu Fraternity Executive Committee, Dairy judging team, Meats judging team, Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, College of Education Congressperson in SGA and the 20-21 student body Vice President candidate. I serve as the Vice President of the Tarleton Ambassadors student worker within the Office of the President, and have served in Texan News Service, as well as helped build the bonfire in 2017, and will serve the Duck Camp program this summer in social media.

Favorite Core Value: My favorite core value is Integrity. Integrity embodies doing the right thing when no one is there to see it.

Therefore, this core value leads to honoring tradition, always speaking with kindness fostering a culture of civility, striving to lead by serving others, and always reaching for excellence.

Despite the distance between us, I continue to grow and embody what Tarleton stands for by continually serving our University. I am in the President’s office everyday still serving students, faculty, and staff in order to persevere through these unprecedented times. I remain positive and confident in our institution’s administration to make tough decisions and support our student body and Texan Family. I continue to spread kindness and positivity for those who need it in these worrisome times!

Carter Prichard, Mr. TSU Candidate 

Carter Prichard

Hometown: Lantana, TX

Classification: Junior

Major: Nursing

Post-Graduation Plans: After I graduate, I plan to work 2 years in the ICU to gain experience for my application into CRNA school. Although the road is still long, I plan on achieving this goal by going day-by-day with my schooling.

On Campus Involvement: FarmHouse Fraternity, SGA – IFC Congressman, Student Nurses Association, Tarleton Transition Mentor – 3rd year, Tarleton Round Up – Leadership Team

Favorite Tradition: The Purple Poo are my favorite tradition for more reasons than one. They embody all of what Tarleton has to offer which is one of the most special things, in my eyes, about them.

With COVID-19 changing the course of all of our lives, I continue to embody Tarleton and its core values with my team within the TTM program. This program has grown me as a person, and I strive to be the best man I can today.

Kyle Hernandez, Mr. TSU Candidate

Hometown: Waxahachie, TX

Kyle Hernandez

Classification: Sophomore

Major: Agriculture Services and Development

Post-Graduation Plans: After I graduate, I plan on using my degree to go teach Agriculture in a high school setting.

On Campus Involvement: Student Government Association, Residential Leader, Collegiate FFA, Men’s club volleyball, TTM, and Orientation Staff.

Favorite Tradition: My favorite tradition would be silver taps, simply because the honoring and remembrance of fellow Texans that came before us.

Despite the distance, I am continuing to grow, better, and embody all that Tarleton stands for simply by staying positive through this time. With Tradition being my favorite core value, I want to still honor and keep traditions alive. One way that I have been doing that, is still honoring and participating in Purple Thursday by sharing it on social media to show our school spirit and pride.

Cahlen Cheatham, Mr. TSU Candidate

Cahlen Cheatham

Hometown: born in Stephenville, TX, lives in Myersville, MD

Classification: Junior

Major: Double Major in Economics and Agriculture Business

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan to attend law school and pursue a career as general counsel for an agricultural organization. I will also stay involved in nonprofit work and serve communities in need.

On Campus Involvement: Tarleton Ambassadors, Student Government Association, Tarleton Peer Mentor, Student Worker in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Ambassador, President of Tarleton Collegiate FFA, President of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Leadership Council, Alternative Spring Break 2020

Favorite Tradition: My favorite tradition is Duck Camp because, for many students, it’s their first true “Tarleton” experience and it’s where we get to introduce new Texans to our purple loving, bonfire building & Oscar P raising, family. I greatly appreciate the service our TTMs, staff, and volunteers who invest in making each year so memorable, for so many.

Just because we have distance between us doesn’t mean we can’t be close! Personally, I’m striving to stay optimistic and support our university, like normal, by participating in virtual activities, staying active on social media, supporting faculty & other students, and continuing to maintain good academic practices… Our Tarleton community has a long-standing tradition of taking care of one another and that’s something I’m proud to be a part of, even in the face of adversity.

Adrian Manning, Mr. TSU Candidate 

Hometown: Killeen, TX

Adrian Manning

Classification: Junior

Major: Kinesiology

Post-Graduation Plans: My plans after graduation is to hopefully attend the Master Program for Athletic Training

On Campus Involvement: SGA, TTM, MENtal Freedom, Track and Field

Favorite Tradition: My Favorite Tarleton traditions would be Purple Pancakes!

For one I would continue to learn because there’s never too much to learn, and that will push me to challenge myself to be more open minded about different situations and topics and learn from the experience overall!

Cameron Ellner, Mr. TSU Candidate 

Cameron Ellner

Hometown: Leander, TX

Classification: Senior

Major: Criminal Justice

Post-Graduation Plans: Following graduation in May, I will begin my online Master of Public Administration program through Tarleton. Post-completion of Grad School, my plan is to serve as a police officer for a Central Texas agency. My ultimate career goal is to serve in an organizational leadership/management role within the criminal justice system.

On Campus Involvement: TTM Alum, Student Director for New Student Programs, member of the Criminal Justice Association, SGA Congressperson at Large, Texan Rep, Round Up Leadership Team, Campus Rec’s unified flag football partnership with Rock House.

Favorite Tradition: My absolute favorite Tradition is the Silver Taps Ceremony. Our history is such an important part of Tarleton and being able to represent the family of a fellow Texan is a remarkable feeling. Having the platform to celebrate the life of someone who shared a similar journey is an honor.

Tarleton has provided countless opportunities that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have met the most incredible people during my time here and have had the most wonderful experiences. Even with the shift to online learning, I am still blessed to be able to work at Tarleton’s Welcome Center and continue sharing my love and passion for this incredible university. It is such a great feeling to be able to introduce and welcome Tarleton’s future to the possibilities of this University.