A letter from the SGA President


Cahlen Cheatham and Emily Love became Student Goverment Association President and Vice President on April 10. With the SGA election being held online due to the spring semester switching to online because of COVID-19, a record number of students cast their ballots for the election. Photo Courtesy of Cahlen Cheatham

Student Government Association (SGA) President, Cahlen Cheatham, and Vice President, Emily Love, were elected on April 10, 2020 with their term starting on May 1, 2020.

Cheatham lays out his goals for his administration in this letter, and explains what SGA is and the opportunities within the organization.

Hey Texans!

Welcome to, NCAA Division I, Tarleton State University. The Student Government Association (SGA) is delighted to welcome you into a new era of Tarleton’s rich history! Our incoming first year students will be the first class to experience four years of Tarleton as a Division I institution. Our students today carry the great honor of establishing the foundation for the future of our university. There will
never be another time like this in the future of Tarleton.

Students, it’s your time to make history.

SGA has been working hard all Summer to prepare for the return of our record breaking 14,000+ students. Above all else, we have endeavored to make sure our students will be safe but also have opportunities for fun and learning. As we work with Tarleton’s administration, our priorities are to Honor Traditions, Serve Others, and Create Opportunities.

SGA is the premier leadership organization for students at Tarleton and is organized into three separate branches, The Congress, The Executive, and The Judiciary.

Members of Congress are responsible for discussing important issues at Tarleton and passing legislation to positively impact our institution.

Executive Officers are responsible for the administration of SGA and oversee the organization’s general direction.

Judicial leaders conduct elections and ensure SGA is acting in the best interest of the student body.

SGA also houses, the Freshmen Representative Council (FRC), an elite leadership program designed uniquely for first year students. FRC is designed to introduce students to the operations of SGA, develop leadership skills, build lasting relationships, and give students opportunities to be leaders across Tarleton. FRC members regularly have opportunities to interact with Tarleton’s President, participate in university traditions, earn prestigious awards, explore fun activities, and positively impact future students. Because these students represent the entire class of incoming students, membership in FRC is selective and limited – email [email protected] for more details and information about joining.

As Student Body President, I have the honor of working with an outstanding team of student-leaders to serve the student body. I am joined in the Executive Branch by Student Body Vice President (VP) – Emily Love; Chief of Staff – Athena Orsa; VP of External Affairs – Ally Johnson; VP of Internal Affairs – Ciara Hall; VP of Finance – Jordan Duzich; VP of Marketing and Communications – Peyton Thomas; VPs of Programming – Marco Salazar & Davi Wood; FRC VPs – Walker Kirk, Adrian Manning, Allision Ray.

Please know SGA is 100% dedicated to serving you and all students are welcome to attend and participate in our activities. Follow @TarletonSGA on social media and visit www. tarleton.edu/sga for details about how you can participate in SGA.

On behalf of the Student Government Association, I wish you all the best in your studies, personal lives, and experiences here at Tarleton.

It’s a great day to be a Tarleton Texan!

Cahlen Cheatham President of the Student Body