Making Stephenville home


The JTAC/ Alex Huerta

The ULTRA statue located outside of the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts building.

“Home means an enjoyable, happy place where you can live, laugh and learn. It’s somewhere where you are loved, respected, and cared for,”, said. So, how do you make this unfamiliar place – Tarleton State University – full of people you don’t know, new routines and stressful life events, your home?

First, like any new place, get to know it. Find a Tarleton campus map on the website and get to know the “lay of the land.” Learn where to go when you need something before you need it – not just to your dorm and your classrooms.

Learn what resources health services, located on the first floor of Traditions North, offers. Plot different routes back to your dorm so you know how to get there in any situation.

Pick three spots to make your favorite go-to places on campus: where you might want to study, where to find alone time, and where to just sit and enjoy our beautiful campus.

Make friends (lots of them), not just people in your hall and not just those in your major, when you move dorms next year those connections could change. Find people who share your interests like working out, volunteering or political activism. Cast a very wide net in making new friends – the more the merrier. This way you won’t be limiting your college experience to just a few people or activities. This will also help safeguard against finding yourself alone and feeling lonely.

Getting involved on campus is the best way to make Tarleton feel like home. Although restrictions due to COVID-19 will continue to impact many traditional campus activities, there is still a lot going on. You can go to TexanSync to find out more information on when organizations meet and how to get into contact with them.

For on campus recreation, all students will be required to wear a mask whenever they are not actively working out and some equipment will be off limits to ensure social distancing.

Tarleton campus organizations will be holding small, in person gatherings if possible or they will hold zoom meetings so you can still participate in your favorite Tarleton organizations.

Stephenville is a small town, but it has a lot to offer if you take some time to look. Get out and explore the town and the surrounding areas.

Although you probably brought most of the stuff you thought you’d need to make your room feel like home, there are lots of small shops to check out and support our local business community.

If you are looking to spend some time off campus, the Stephenville City Park is a large park close to campus and is a good spot to socially distance while enjoying time outside. The Bosque River Trail in town also offers a nice short nature walk. Remember, as always, when exploring new places, keep safety in mind, take a friend and let others know where you are going.

The only way to love something is to know it. Get to know Tarleton – its traditions, its organizations, and spirit. Make our Tarleton Core Values part of who you are. Although they are school values, they are a great way to connect yourself to an incredible college experience.

Like the old saying goes “Home is where the heart is.” Take the time to get to know this place. Your heart will “bleed purple” and you will love your new Texan home.