Plowboys pandemic persistence

The Tarleton State University Plowboys have kicked off their 2020 recruitment process. The Plowboys are often seen at various sporting events in the fall and spring along with attending other campus events.

With COVID-19 moving most of these events to the spring, it was uncertain if the Plowboys would be doing much around campus, including recruitment meetings.

“Usually we are pretty busy through the week with events in the fall,” Plowboys Recruitment Chair, Tyler Jean, said.

The Plowboys are still hosting meetings and discussing what they can do without fall sports while attending every event they can.

“We have discussed hosting a Meet the Plowboys event,” Plowboys Vice President, Ellett Vann, said. As of now the Plowboys are unsure if the bonfire will remain in the fall semester or if it will move to the spring like some of the Homecoming events.

The Plowboys use most of the fall events as a way to get to know new recruits and see if they would be a good fit for the organization. Without these events the recruitment meetings are one of the only times the Plowboys can get to know their new recruits.

“The Plowboys have multiple opportunities for young men to come in and find out information about their organization to see if it’s something that they would like to be a part of,” Plowboys Advisor, Lathes Towns, said. The recruitment process has been eight weeks long in the past with the recruits becoming new members after that. This year the length of the recruitment process may vary.

On Aug. 24, 2020, the Plowboys held their first recruitment meeting at the cannon outside the E.J. Howell Education building. The meeting had a smaller turnout than years prior with only 17 members and 17 potential recruits. Though the turnout of potential recruits was smaller than before, the Plowboys still hold out hope for a larger turnout in the meetings to come.

“Last year at the first meeting we had about 20 potential recruits and by the second meeting there were around 45,” Vann said.

COVID-19 plays a part in the smaller turnout, as there were around four potential recruits awaiting test results at the time of the first meeting.

“These young men have gone above and beyond to try to support the administration under these COVID-19 policies including wearing masks and social distancing,” Towns said. The meeting on Aug. 24 was an open meeting for anyone to attend and was a general introductory meeting.

“The first meeting was really the Plowboys coming back to get to know each other and introducing the Plowboys to the new recruits,” Towns said.

The Plowboys are currently still doing all meetings face to face with the possibility of having an online alternative if needed.

“Most of the locations on campus meet the Plowboys capacity need,” Towns said. The Plowboys are a smaller organization compared to other organizations on campus. This provides them with a larger variety of places to meet and more opportunities to meet in person.

“We will look at a virtual component for any young men who might need it in the future,” Towns said.