Fine Arts productions affected by COVID-19

Despite all of the changes to the fall 2020 semester, the show must go on. There will be plenty of performances, gallery displays, and other events that will be happening in the Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center.

Improv at Tarleton is planning on returning soon. An update about Improv should be coming to their Facebook page the week of Sep. 7. They will be following all of the same guidelines as the rest of the Tarleton campus, which means the number of audience members at each show will be limited. All shows will be posted on the Improv’s Facebook page soon after the show concludes. They are also currently working on live streaming their shows. The time and date will be the same as years prior, 4 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Improv is not the only thing the Theatre Department is working on. Currently they are planning a radio showing of “Yellow Iris”, by Agatha Christie. “Yellow Iris” is a typical murder mystery based on a short story, sharing the same name. They are working on teaming up with KTRL for this production. Along with the nightly radio broadcasting, a live performance of the production is planned on Nov. 10 through 14, in the FAC Theatre.

They are also planning a production “Top Girls”, by Caryl Churchill. There are plans to preform it live, outside of the FAC on Sept. 22 through 26, however seats will be limited.

There are also plans to make both of these productions free to Tarleton faculty, staff, and students.

“Some productions that will be live-streamed will have a reduced price for access,” Dr. Vicky Johnson, Associate Professor and Department Head of the Fine Arts Center said.

Currently on display in the FAC Art Gallery is a selection of work by the Art and Digital Media faculty. Featured in this gallery is a diverse spread of pieces created by, Diana Synatzske, Molly Valentine Dierks, Chris Ireland, Tim Harding, Megan Ehrhart, Knut LSG Hybinette, and Haley Nagy. This gallery features pieces that utilize a wide variety of art mediums, such as “Skin Hunger Series”, by Molly V. Dierks, which features a pieces with inflatables, paper mache, paints, and petals. Another set of standout pieces is a digital slide show featuring, two 3D animations, a short film, and a 3D video game. These pieces were created by Megan Ehrhart and Knut Hybinette.

There are plans for senior capstone exhibitions to be featured in the gallery, similar to years past, however the presentations will take place virtually via zoom similar to spring semester.

“Students are required to give an oral defense of their work to an audience of faculty and student peers as a component of these exhibitions, this aspect will be conducted virtually via Zoom,” Tim Harding, Associate Professor of Art said.

There are plans to exhibit the work of artists in October prior to the start of senior exhibitions. All information is subject to change, for more information look at the Tarleton calendar.

All live performances will be subject to all social distancing guidelines, in addition seats will be marked off in both performance spaces so that everyone can be properly socially distant. They have also installed hand sanitizer and disinfectant in every area and the seats will be sanitized before and after each performance. Someone will be watching at each performance to make sure that seating limitations are strictly enforced. The first couple of rows in the auditorium and the theater will be blocked off for any concerts or performances, to make sure the audience is not exposed to anything from the stage.

Currently all FAC productions are in the process of being approved by the Tarleton COVID-19 Committee, more information about upcoming events can be found at

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