Pinspiration brings new creative inspiration to Stephenville


Ashley Branson/The JTAC

Pinspiration storefront which is located on 148 W. College St. on the square.

A new store recently celebrated their grand opening in the historical downtown square of Stephenville.

Pinspiration is a unique DIY craft studio, that is bringing crowds from all over to visit their shop. Pinspiration has a home grown feel and offers a personal experience, when compared to other similar businesses, like Painting with a Twist, which are usually located in strip malls and create mass produced and easily replicable pieces.

This DIY craft studio is a perfect venue for parties, corporate events, showers and other various celebrations. Pinspiration owner, Amanda Mills built her business off inspiration from Pinterest. She wanted to be open to people of all ages and give the people of Stephenville another form of entertainment.

Pinspiration accepts walk-ins and large group reservations. The craft studio will soon begin having live music once a month. The owner also hopes to have seasonal themed events. In October, Mills is having a Halloween themed splatter paint room called “Spooky Glow,” which utilizes the addition of black light activated glow paint.

The studio also offers TSU Thursdays every week where Tarleton students can select from a bundle of projects for only $15.

When creating her studio, Mills knew giving college students in Stephenville an affordable option for entertainment would be a must.

“We love hosting organizations from Tarleton at Pinspiration. We have already hosted Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Alpha and the Future Teachers Association,” Mills said.

One of the perks of Pinspiration is that the staff provides the tools, materials and a clean, inviting and inspiring place to create. The main idea of the store is; you go to make your own art given their offered materials. They have candles, that come in different sizes and colors, canvases, hats, nail art, pillows, dreamcatchers and even tile art. If all these options seem overwhelming to you, Pinspiration also offers the opportunity to bring your own craft and use their art supplies for $15.

The splatter paint room they have is an experience that is unique to Pinspiration. They also provide aprons and other protective clothing so you don’t ruin what you are wearing. In their provided materials they also have embellishments that can be added to the crafts. These embellishments rotate seasonally in order to keep things interesting, as well as offer new options that are constantly changing.

The studio also has food craft options that range from decorating your own cupcake, roasting you own s’mores or making a candy jar. They also serve wine and craft beer, along with family friendly drinks like lemonade. The owner has partnered with Greer’s on the square to offer food delivery during your crafting at the studio.

Mills is from Stephenville and is also a Tarleton Alumna. She has ten years of experience in party planning and 20 years experience in coaching gymnastics.

“I have always enjoyed crafting, designing, painting and many other hands-on projects,” Mills said. “I have broadened my inspiration and knowledge by creating this environment that stimulates creativity.”

HGTV, designing and being overall creative lit the fire in her to open her own Pinspiration studio.

“You don’t always have to be crafty or artsy to create art or make crafts, I want to dismantle that idea,” Mills said. “I look forward to giving back to this community that gave me so much during my time at Tarleton, I hope my store allows people to come together and create good memories.”

Pinspiration will be hosting fundraisers for multiple organizations on campus. They will choose multiple activities for a determined period of time and a portion of the proceeds will go to the corresponding organization.

Whether or not you consider yourself crafty or artsy, this studio is worth checking out. Besides it being a craft studio, it is also a good place to hang out with friends and create new memories together. Mills and her staff are always willing to help bring out the crafty side in you.

There are 18 total Pinspiration locations, but only four of them are located in Texas. It’s easy to say Stephenville got lucky with a location being added to our downtown square. The three other locations, in Texas, are in San Antonio and two in Houston. They also have locations coming soon to Dallas, Austin and College Station with more additions to the Houston area as well.

You can find the Stephenville Pinspiration location on Instagram @ pinspirationstephenvilletx and at Pinspiration Stephenville on Facebook. They also have a website locations/stephenville/ or you can contact them by phone at (254) 434-2453.