Party in the Pasture to feature William Clark Green

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Joseph Kamin/Sports Editor [email protected]

On Aug 27, many Tarleton State University students and others from the surrounding community will be attending an unofficial Stephenville tradition, Party in the Pasture.  The event is hosted by City Limits and will showcase William Clark Green, featuring Sam Riggs and Dolly Shine.

The main feature of Party in the Pasture is William Clark Green, a Texas Country artist from Flint, Texas. Greens fourth album, Ringling Road, had gained national attention from Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Country Weekly and No Depression. After the release of Greens fifth album, he will follow it with a national tour.

Below is the transcript of the JTAC News interview with William Clark Green.

What was the thought process behind William Clark Green becoming your stage name?  Why not pick an alias? 

“One of my heroes is Willis Alan Ramsey, he went by three names, and when I was a kid and dreamt about it I just always thought my full name sounded good.  I still don’t know if it is the right decision or not.”

With all of the recent national attention that Ringling Road has received, did you expect it to gain that much attention?

“It didn’t catch us by surprise. Through touring over the years we have had a steady growth that has been a little bit every year. So with that the album did exactly what we were expecting to. We felt like we had made a better album then the one before and we had more sales then the previous record, so it was kind of like that next step forward.  Now it is time to take another step forward.  As long as we are taking steps forward and not backwards we are doing something right.”

What are you expecting from this tour?

“My favorite part of branching out to new markets is meeting people who have been dying to see us, whether that is 100 people, 50 people or 20 people.  New markets are a fun thing to play, because you get to meet the people who have been listening to you for years and come out to shows.  It used to happen in Texas all the time, but now it has gotten to a point that we’re not able to do that anymore. So, the first thing I do when we go to a new market is go to the bar and start hanging out with folks, because that is one of my favorite things to do.  I get to figure out who is listening to the music and how they heard of us in the first place.”

What do you think will be your hardest challenge while on tour?


Is playing in Stephenville any different that any other towns you play in? What do you enjoy about playing here?

“Stephenville is the home of Larry Joe Taylor’s Texas Music Festival, so the excitement at shows is the same as at the festivals.  Everyone there loves the festival so much, that they kind of turn our shows into a mini festival.  Stephenville is kind of a Texas music breading ground for fans and it has a very large fan base for Texas Music and we have been playing there since day one.  Also, Stephenville is different from other towns, because it has the Larry Joe Taylor fan base, so when I play there I know the fans are there to support my music and have a damn good time and they know how to do it.”

If you had to choose between fighting one horse sized duck, or 50 duck sized horses, what would you pick? And why?

“I’m an avid duck hunter, so I would have to say one horse sized duck.  That would be amazing and I would rather fight a duck than a horse!”

The doors for Party in the Pasture open at 6 P.M and will end at 1 A.M. Tickets are $25 for 21 and over, or $28 for minors.