Do your part by wearing your mask


Cassie Labay

Masks really aren’t that bad. Most masks are made of cotton or a poly blend and are made to contain particles not oxygen. I have only experienced slight hindrance when wearing a mask and even then, that is only when walking up stairs. I have also noticed that while wearing a mask I do not have to worry if I have a zit or broccoli in my teeth.
So why is wearing a mask such a controversial topic?

I have seen quite a few people online or in person bash mask wearers and call them sheep. This term is meant as an insult to people who are willing to conform to the CDC’s guidelines. I do not see mask wearers as sheep, I see them as people who are willing to do anything they can to protect their families.
I have noticed that some of the same people who are against wearing masks are the same people who do not want to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Both of these actions have a large chance to endangering others. By not wearing a mask people are allowing their germs to be spread and allowing other people’s germs to put them at risk. The same can be said for people refusing to get either type of vaccine.
Wearing a mask and getting either type of the COVID-19 vaccine are not just about protecting yourself. It’s about protecting your family and the families that you come into contact with on a daily basis. For example, essential workers in grocery stores might be the only people able to work in their family because they have high risk siblings or parents. By exposing those workers to your germs you are exposing their families as well.
You can never tell who might be at risk so do your part by wearing your mask, washing your hands and getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it is your turn.