Fall registration is here


Jessica Blakely/The JTAC

Lane Sherrod attending a Zoom call on the first floor in the nursing building.

It is once again that time of year. You meet with your advisor a week before, and become stressed about your future. You take a look at all of the classes you have left to take, and get an idea of what you need to register for with the upcoming semester on its way. You plan your possible graduation and make sure you have all of your ducks in a line.
Fall registration. You have your computer open to your fall registration cart, and you finger on the mouse waiting to click register. This year fall registration opens up a week after spring break at 6 a.m. Each classification of student has a different day for registration to make sure it all goes smoothly.
Registration for summer and fall both open up on the same day this year for each classification. Freshman can register on Wednesday, March 24, sophomore registration opens on Monday, March 22, juniors can register Friday morning, on March 19. seniors on Wednesday, March 17, and Honors, Texan Reps, NCAA Athletes, Veterans, Doctoral, Graduate, and Post- Baccalaureate students can register on Monday, March 15 at 6 a.m. Registration opens each day at 6 a.m. for all classifications, and also closes at 11:59 p.m. that same day.
If you have been at Tarleton since spring 2020, then you have had the chance to endure all of the adaptations the university has made to ensure the safety of its students. In the middle of the spring 2020 semester, Tarleton had to completely stop face to face classes, and move all classes online. From there, Tarleton had a semester of fully online classes via Zoom. Although students did have the option to attend face to face classes if they felt comfortable enough, and the conditions permitted it.
During that semester, students had the class recordings in their reach to watch when they pleased. This did cause attendance for classes and Zoom meetings to decrease.
With that being said, classes for the spring 2021 semester gave students the option of doing classes via Zoom or face to face if they were comfortable. Although the Zoom meeting is recorded, it is not released for students to see. Students have to give administration a reason as to why they may need the course recordings released to them, and only then will a student be able to access the course recordings for their class. By doing this, of course it has made it where students must attend class face to face, or join via Zoom during class time.
Although all of this has happened in such a short time, Dr. James Hurley has released that this fall, the Texans can expect a traditional college experience if current COVID-19 trends hold. With this being said, Tarleton is hoping to have more normal operations take place on campus, like they were prior to the pandemic. Of course, the plans for fall 2021 are overall based on the current CDC forecasts, research advancements and the increasing availability to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.
The safety of all Texans and faculty is still the biggest priority of the university. It was stated that all federal, state, local and public guidelines relating to health will continue to be followed and enforced by the university as the possible traditional experience is brought back to the fall 2021 semester.

With Tarleton returning to more normal operations this fall, it is likely that a lot more classes will be face to face compared to online via Zoom. It is important to keep in mind when registering for classes in March, if the classes you are registering for in Fall of 2021 are face to face or have the online option if that is important to you as a student.
Class registration must be done through myGateway. For more information on registration, or to watch an instructional video on how to register for classes, visit www.tarleton.edu/registrar/registration/.
It is very important that Texans inspect their course schedule after registering. If your schedule is incorrect at the time, schedule changes can be made during the early registration period only, and must be done through myGateway.
If registration and schedule changes are not made at the correct time, then they may register late. Students can also add or drop a class during the late registration period through myGateway. Although, a $25 late registration fee will be charged since the student did not register or make the needed changes to the course schedule during the early registration period.
To prevent additional late charges that could occur from improper timing, make sure early registration is on your calendars! Remember registration will be open only form 6 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. on your specific day.