Tarleton’s keepers of tradition unmask


Ashley Branson

Members of the Purple Poo at the unmasking ceremony on March 26, 2021.

It is that time of the year again where the graduating members of the Tarleton’s Purple Poo unmask themselves for their friends and family to see the big secret they kept, which is pretty huge if you are unfamiliar with the organization. Ten Tarleton Peppers (TTP) were established 100 years ago when Tarleton was still a junior college, making them the oldest organization on campus. The Ten Tarleton Sisters (TTS) came just a few years later. Together they make the Purple Poo.
The event took place on Friday March 26, 2021 and had an extremely well outcome despite the hot and humid weather. The Purple Poo who revealed themselves are: Brother Braincell (Brendan Gore), Sister G-Raff (Anne Wilkins), Brother Potato (Stephen Reeves), Sister Holliday (Madison Talbert), Scooby Poo (Hunter Brumit), Sister Stuck (Jordan David), Brother Brass (Michael Patulea), Brother Bob (Hayden Parker), Brother Stuart (Britt Robinson) and Sister Mop (Leeza Cronin).
With ten Purple Poo revealed means ten more will be showing up soon to keep this tradition going. Here is what the graduating seniors have to say about their experience.
First is Scooby Poo also known as Hunter Brumit who says his favorite part of being a Purple Poo is all of it.
“The most rewarding part [is] putting smiles on people’s faces,” Brumit said.
The next TTP to talk about his experience is Brother Brass also known as Michael Patulea, his favorite memory from being a poo is getting to interact with all the students, being the spirit of Tarleton State University and keeper of tradition.
“The most rewarding thing is unmasking because you finally get to meet all people you helped out over the years and made happy,” Patulea said.
For the next Poo we have Sister Holliday, Madison Talbert who also happens to have a younger sister who attends Tarleton, Madison’s favorite memory about being a Poo is serving Tarleton students and the forever family that comes with it. Madison said a hard secret to keep was about being a Poo from her sister.
“I did it because [my sister] came in my sophomore year of college and I wanted her to have an experience with the Poo not knowing who was under the mask,” Talbert said.
The next TTS and last Poo who revealed is Sister Mop, Leeza Cronin, her favorite memory is getting to meet all the different people at Tarleton and hoping to make a difference in their lives for the better.
“Unmasking on the 100 year is pretty awesome,” Cronin said.
The Poo Unmasking during the TTP’s 100 year birthday, is one for the record books.
With more graduating Poo come more new Poo popping up around campus so keep your eyes out for any new poo!