Tarleton’s concert committee sets the stage


Kiley Kocian

Katherine Pizer and John David Dvorak auditioning for Tarleton’s got Talent by singing The Blessing by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes on Feb. 25, 2021.

From movie showings to giving out succulents on Earth Day, the Tarleton Activities Board (T.A.B.) is doing a lot to keep students involved on campus. One of those many efforts is the Concert Committee. The Concert Committee is in charge of many events on campus, some that you might not even realize. Daniel Mendoza, a member of T.A.B. and the Concert Committee explained the many events the Concert Committee puts on.
“We try to put on the crossroads live program, which is the café vibe concerts. With that one we try to get a Tarleton student to perform, just so they can get their name out there. We also do Tarleton’s Got Talent. With that one we had 15 contestants this year but we’re hoping to have more next year. We also helped with the [Ten Tarleton Peppers] centennial celebration and the inauguration,” Mendoza said.
The Concert Committee’s start was actually the inauguration of Tarleton President, Dr. James Hurley. Mendoza explained that after the inauguration, T.A.B. sent out a survey to get a better idea of students wanted. The students wanted concerts.
“Originally what started the Concert Committee, aside from the inauguration was the student interest in hosting more concerts. [Students] wanted to see more concerts on campus. We sent out a survey through T.A.B. to kind of see what students wanted and one of the main things was concerts,” Mendoza said.
When the concert committee was created, there wasn’t the restriction of COVID-19. The Concert Committee, like many of us, continued to plan events as usual. Those plans all came crashing down when the pandemic began. Mendoza explained that the many events the Concert Committee had planned before COVID-19 had to be canceled or reevaluated.
“When we started the idea of the concert committee, it was before COVID-19. So, we had a few concerts planned out, some bigger names but because of COVID-19 we had to take a step back and start a little smaller. We’re hoping to throw bigger concerts in the future,” Mendoza said.
Mendoza explained that the way they pick these musicians is primarily based on recommendations.
“The way we started [the café series], we’d have people we knew perform and after Tarleton’s Got Talent, we wrote down everyone who came and sang. A lot of it has been a friend to a friend, for example Kendal York came in and recommended somebody and so on,” Mendoza said.
With life returning to relative normalcy, the Concert Committee has many upcoming events planned.
To stay up to date with the Concert Committee, you can follow T.A.B. on Instagram and twitter @tarleton_tab or check out the Concert Committee on Texan sync.