Tarleton student Myles Taylor takes the spotlight

Myles Taylor known for his involvement and fun greeting


Photo Courtesy of Myles Taylor

Taylor’s bright smile and energetic personality is what sets him apart from the rest.

Senior business management major, Myles Taylor from Hurst, Texas is one of the most active students on Tarleton’s campus. Have you ever been in the student center or at an event and heard someone say. “Good Morning” Well… more than likely this was Myles Taylor in his bright and bubbly mood.

“I am currently the Student Director of Marketing for T.A.B., a Co-VP of Freshman Representative Council for [the Student Government Association] (SGA), a part of Texan Reps and Tarleton Serves,” Taylor said. 


“So, my freshman year I got close to Momma T and the people in her office. I was talking to her about how much I enjoyed the events that had been hosted on campus and wanted to know how to be a part of it. I have always been the type of person that will find my people and find the path that I want, so when she told me where to go I went immediately and joined. It’s also when I set my sights on the position that I’m in now,” Taylor stated.

As Myles got more involved on campus, he was able to attain a leadership position within the Tarleton Student Government Association.

 “My involvement in SGA was actually a coincidence. My sophomore year I was in the TTM program with the then Student Body President, Tyler Schuester, and she reached out to the members about open seats in congress. Me being me saw another opportunity to get involved and to learn and grow. I immodestly said yes and became a congressperson for the College Of Business. Ironically, once I joined this organization I also set a goal to be on the exec team by my senior year,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s involvement on campus goes beyond just being in organizations and clubs. In fact, Myles is often the person who sings the Tarleton Color Song. 

 “I grew up singing my entire life. I’ve always sang in church and have participated in choir from 4th grade to my junior year of college. Being a part of the Tarleton Choral Program is actually where many people found out that I could sing. Once the pandemic started it was sometimes hard to get the entire choral program out due to safety reasons so I would get asked to step in. Like at Lighting of the Smokestack and more recently the grand opening of the Chick-fil-A,” Taylor stated. 

With a life so busy and his involvement on campus, Myles is always up for a challenge. It is easy to see that he has a bright and interesting future ahead.

 “Directly after graduation I want to go participate in the Disney College Program. It’s a semester-long program where you get to work at the Disney parks. I was accepted in 2020, but the program was shut down due to the pandemic.“ Taylor said. “My dream job is to be a project/event manager at Disney, so a certification is just a more streamlined way to get where I want to go,” Taylor said.

Many often wonder why he says good morning no matter what time of day it is. Taylor’s upbeat personality and desire to be a shining light in everyone’s life is what has driven him to be so active and joyful towards his peers. 

“I try to be a very upbeat and positive person. That’s why I like saying “Good Morning” no matter what time it is because it’s sure to brighten someone’s day. SGA’s motto includes the phrase “Building Legacies” and I want to see the legacy that I’ve spent the last four years building to continue. A legacy of kindness. Inclusivity, honestly, and having a good time,” Taylor said.

As for advice for anyone who wants to be heavily involved, Myles shared that he makes sure to keep his days very organized. 

“I have a very detailed schedule on an excel sheet. Which I need to update. It is the only thing that keeps me sane. It has my work schedule, event schedule, meeting schedule, even time for my friends is scheduled there. Also, an array of sticky note reminders on my laptop,” said Taylor. 

At Tarleton you hear it all the time. Getting involved means staying in school. Myles has this same mindset when it comes to campus life. 

“Every student should join at minimum one organization. Getting involved is the best thing that you can do. I’ve met so many of my closest friends from being involved. Not only that, the way that you develop as a person is tremendous. Getting involved can be the difference between thriving and surviving in college,” Taylor said. 

You can follow Myles and his journey by following the T.A.B. Instagram @tarleton_tab to stay updated on all the events that they are hosting around campus that everyone is welcome to join.