Tarleton Roundup moves to the fall

Grab a pal, grab a rake, serve the community


The 2021 Tarleton State University Round Up is to be held Saturday, Oct. 9, with many volunteers and service projects. Round Up is the largest student- led service project at Tarleton. 

With 28 students on the leadership team with one student director, Megan Scott, and six associate directors, Round Up has a very strong leadership group. 

In six different teams, the group is going to be able to have a high number of turn outs since our last COVID-19 restricted Round Up in the spring semester. The six teams all have their own focus. 

The job site team was in charge of finding potential job sites in the community to provide a service to and to keep track of all tools and equipment. 

The volunteer team makes sure that students are registered for their respective groups and is the one who reaches out to staff and alumni for help. 

The sponsorship team is the group that must ask businesses, people of the community and alumni for sponsors for the event. They help in the providing of snacks, drinks and breakfast or the day of the event.

The outreach team is Round Up’s voice, they communicate between teams and participating outreach locations to make sure everything goes over smoothly.

Public relations team makes sure that the social media for Tarleton roundup are active and showing the latest updates about the event. They use these social media platforms to advertise for all aspects of the event as well as design any graphic, shirt or poster for the event.

Lastly, the operations team is the risk management portion of the leadership. They assure they everything is being done in a safe manner and assure any day of matters are handled.

This year the leadership team decided to host the event in the fall and had many goals for this year.

 For the 24 annual Round Up, the goal was to have 1,200 student and staff volunteers with 150 jobsites. The mission statement for this group is: To provide selfless service by building connections and developing leadership skills for the betterment of the community. 

The best part about roundup though is the effect it has on our community. Student leaders and volunteers alike are always excited for the event and the aftermath.

“After everything is said and done, it is the best part of Round Up because I know we truly did make a difference,”  student director Megan Scott said.

 Making a difference not only on the school campus but in the surrounding area is a big focus for Tarleton Round Up leaders. 

“Round Up is important because we perform selfless acts to help others”, said Scott. 

If you are interested in volunteering for Round Up, you can sign up at https://texansync.tarleton.edu/submitter/form/collectsubmitteridentity/f3f0e33d-0663-4afe-8e40-3c576b64c8c6 until Friday, Oct. 1.