The night of a million marshmallows

S’more than just a homecoming tradition

The smell of melted marshmallows. The pop of Dublin soda caps. The sound of fire crackling and students laughing. The camera clicks as the Hurley’s cascade through the crowd taking silly pictures with students. Separately, these things make for a fun night but collectively, they create an exciting atmosphere for midnight smores.

In 2020, President James Hurley and his wife, Kindall Hurley started one of the most popular homecoming traditions on the Tarleton State University Stephenville campus. Originally, Midnight Smores was introduced as a spirit week event. Since then, Midnight Smores has blossomed into a beloved homecoming tradition enjoyed by many.

According to Dr.Hurley, Midnight Smores was his wife, Kindall Hurley’s idea. Since its introduction to the Stephenville campus, Midnight Smores has served as a well-anticipated event that students can look forward to. Here, students can not only indulge in a sweet midnight treat but they can mingle with student organizations like The Plowboys and The Purple Poo. 

The Midnight Smores tradition sparked a sense of unity amongst the students. Due to the pandemic, being able to closely correspond with peers caused a boost in morale for Tarleton students, faculty and staff. 

“Seeing students gather together, have fun, make memories, and celebrate the Spirit of Tarleton,” Executive Director of University Student Affairs Programs and Projects, Donna Strohmeyer said.