Student Spotlight: Jayce Thedford

Senior Residential Leader Jayce Thedford is happy to see residents back on campus


Elizabeth Baker

Thedford shows his Tarleton Pride in front of the Ring Statue

Junior student with a double major in electrical engineering and computer science with a minor in mathematics, Jayce Thedford, is a first generation student that has a big heart for Tarleton State University and its many traditions. 

Originally from Brownwood Texas, Thedford is an extremely involved person on campus and could not see himself at any other university for his bachelor’s degree. 

With a long titled degree it is easy to understand that Thedford also has big plans for his future career and life ahead. Thedford has an interest in space, topics such as the SpaceX program led by Elon Musk is just one of the things that has sparked his interest. Jayce has big dreams and he is shooting for the stars in his plan to work for NASA or a private space exploration/astronomics company in the future. 

“My dad was the one who inspired me to become an engineer, he didn’t go to school but he worked in the factories and watched the engineers and he wanted that future for me,” said Thedford. 

As a first generation student his family had great plans for him. 

When Thedford first got to Tarleton, he was an electrical engineering major with plans to move to A&M College Station to then become an electrical engineer. However, he did not stick with this plan and decided to remain at Tarleton to bleed purple. Thedford immediately fell in love with the traditions and homey atmosphere. 

Thedford’s true passion in his degree field is working with automated systems and making them more evolved. 

“The dream one day is to work on a Rover, it combines the programming aspect with the building and monitoring the rover as it goes wherever we send it,” Thedford said. 

As an experienced Tarleton student, Thedford advised that students get involved on campus.

 “That is where you will meet new people, make connections and getting involved will bring you down the right path, that’s what made me successful. Here at Tarleton State University, we have an organization for  just about everything. Just find one,” Thedford said. 


Jayce applied to Tarleton and started his undergraduate program back in 2019 to be an engineering student. This was because of his interest in the progress Tarleton State University was making at the time.

 “When I toured Tarleton the first time the engineering building was under construction, and when I saw it I knew this was going to be a good school. I knew I wanted to be in that building when it opened,” Thedford stated.

Currently, Jayce Thedford is involved in a variety of different on-campus organizations. He was one of the co-founders of the IEEE, the International Electrical and Electronics Engineers student chapter. He is a part of the Student Research Association (SRA) in which he co-founded and now serves as the Vice President. Thedford is also involved in the Tarleton aeronautical and the rocketry club in which he is the public relations specialist that helps with their preliminary process and focuses on helping the club grow. He is a congressperson for the school of science and technology within the Student Government association (SGA)  in which he is constantly and currently working on projects to better the lives of the students he represents. 

Thedford is also a Senior Residential Leader on campus. He is stationed in the Honors Hall where he has been since his freshman year. 

“I really love helping out first year residents, in all honesty the senior residential leader who happened to be my RL my freshman year is the reason I am here today. I really just like getting to mentor these first year residents because she seriously helped me find my path here at Tarleton State University,” Thedford stated. 

Lastly he is a part of the Honors Society for STEM majors.Outside of school Thedford stated he is blessed to be able to help out with the technology at Paradigm, a christian worship center in Stephenville, on his Thursday nights. 

Jayce is a student who now understands that Tarleton State University has a lot to offer everyone and he was sure to advise to not rush through college, but appreciate the time you have on campus. 

“ My advisors said I could graduate on time with my peers, even with a double major, but I knew I wanted to be involved on campus, I wanted to have a social life so I chose to graduate a little later than my peers and that’s okay,” Thedford said.