Let the beat drop

DJ Kel plans to make musical changes on Stephenville campus

Let the beat drop

If you have been to any Tarleton State University on campus events, then you have probably heard the great DJ Kel. 

DJ Kel, also known as Markel Clark, went to Westbrook High School in Beaumont, Texas, and now attends Tarleton State University. He majors in kinesiology with a minor in music engineering. He is a very well known figure on the Tarleton Stephenville campus because he plays football for the school and is a DJ for campus-wide activities. 

Clark began his DJ journey just last year. 

“I talked with Momma T, asking if they had openings for DJ’s and she said that they were looking to find one. So, it was perfect timing,” DJ Kel stated.

His friends, family, and opportunities have grown since beginning this part of his career. 

“So many great connections and opportunities, I appreciate the family Tarleton has put me in. There’s people left and right offering so much assistance and love and it allowed other people to see my talents, leading to where I’ve DJ’d for people outside of school,” DJ Kel stated. 

Even though DJ-ing is where he is making his mark, Kel does not plan on doing it forever. 

“When I graduate, and by the grace of God all works well, I’d be in the NFL. But, if reality takes a different turn, I wanna take my music career to the next level and at least own a studio or label of my own,” DJ Kel responded. 

Kel expressed that his inspiration comes from his dad. Kel plans to take his authority within DJ-ing and make some changes around campus. 

“I actually wanna have a student club type of atmosphere where we can have a safe, peaceful place to just have fun and maybe show off some karaoke skills without charging $30 to get in,” DJ Kel explained. 

Overall, DJ Kel has come far from where he began, with now being one of the most recognized faces on campus, he shows extreme amounts of love for what he does and for Tarleton State University. 

“I just wanna thank all my friends and family that motivated me to try this DJ-ing stuff out even with football having a big part of my schedule. I have had some very great people in my corner to encourage me to stay on track and not let it be a distraction,” DJ Kel stated.