Book Reveiw: The F-It List

Although the overall concept behind them is morbid, bucket lists are something the majority of people are pretty familiar with. A bucket list is a list of things someone states that they wish to do before they ‘’kick the bucket’’ or die, in other words. This week’s book review is over a novel called ‘’The F- It List’’ by Julie Halpern. While the title may seem a little explicit, the book is actually pretty heartwarming.

Our main characters, Becca and Alex, were best friends. At Alex’s father’s funeral, Becca betrays Alex’s trust and shatters years of their friendship, leaving Alex to pick up the pieces and focus on herself and her family. After a summer of growth and healing, Alex and Becca find their way back to each other, only this time, things are not so simple. Becca has cancer. This new and terrifying diagnosis has led Becca to create her own bucket list, but she named it her ‘’F- It List’.’ 

As Becca has slowly become more and more ill, she is not sure she can finish the list herself and asks Alex to help her before her time is up. However, several items on the list include a partner of interest. This is where Leo comes in. Although Alex is used to casual flings, Leo is different and Alex has to learn what it is like to have more than just a physical connection with someone. 

Although Becca and Alex have had their fair share of arguments and wrong doings to each other, at the end of the day their support for each other does not waiver. Especially in the midst of such hardships, a friendship like theirs is refreshing and vital for survival. 

The beginning of the book leaves you with mixed emotions. It is easy to sympathize with a character like Alex, who has just lost her father and been stabbed in the back by her best friend. However, after finding out about Becca’s diagnosis, it is hard to harbor dislike for her. As the book progresses, it is impossible to not fall in love with these characters and the unbreakable bond that they have with each other. Throughout the book, there are some pretty serious topics and situations the girls find themselves in, but there is a perfect balance of humor woven into the story to keep things from feeling depressing. 

Overall, I loved this book. While it is slightly more suggestive than books I typically read, it has lots of humorous moments blended perfectly with heartwarming touches. I also like how realistic this book is. Often we see stories of teenagers who fall in love and run off into the sunset together to spend the rest of their lives happily entangled with one another. This book represents teenagers in a real way and does not paint an image of something imaginary. Halpern does a great job of making the characters feel very easy to relate to, laugh at and sympathize with when needed. I would rate this book a seven and a half out of 10. I would recommend this book to people who love adventurous storylines and laughing while simultaneously crying.