National Agriculture Day

How Does Agriculture Affect Your Life?


Caroline Henson

Sigma Alpha member Claire Welch and President Amber Cunningham.

National Agriculture Day, Mar. 22nd, is a day to help educate others about the role agriculture has in their lives and to appreciate the farmers and ranchers that work tirelessly around the nation to feed America. “This day is arranged by the Agriculture Council of America, a non-profit organization that consists of leaders in the agriculture and food community,” National Today says. Held every year in March, people around the nation step out in their own communities to help celebrate, even right here at Tarleton.

Caroline Henson

Today, the Sigma Alpha Sorority tabled in the student center with a free giveaway organized by their Agriculture Leadership chair, Hannah Willett. The “giveaway consisted of a Tarleton Shirt and Chick-Fil-A gift card…after all agriculture is the food we eat and the clothes we wear,“ Willett said. As the agriculture leadership representative within Sigma Alpha, Willet’s job is to “bridge the gap between our sorority and the agriculture industry. That often looks like providing monthly ag updates to members or hosting events such as National Ag Day to advocate and educate others about the agriculture industry,” Willett stated. 

Every single person on the earth is affected by agriculture, even if they do not realize it. Agriculturalists provide the food in grocery stores and on our tables, the clothes we wear daily, essential ingredients for our favorite products, and so much more. Take today to ask yourself, “how does agriculture play a role in my life?”