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Making the perfect playlist

How often do you find yourself putting in your airpods, earphones, or plugging in a speaker, desperately searching for a song to listen to but nothing just feels right? Since the beginning of 2020 the total number of music streams in the U.S. alone has reached over a trillion, showcasing a 15% growth in streams. With Drake, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars being the top artists of the decade, according to the Billboard decade-end charts. Which means for a multitude of people, over 26.9 hours per week are spent listening to these artists. 

Occasionally, listening to these artists on constant repeat can get a bit dreary and repetitive. As reported on, 35% of people say that they discover new music on the radio while only 31% report that they are recommended songs from family and friends. Nevertheless, the art of song choosing is like finally picking that hangnail that’s been bothering you for weeks, refreshing and fulfilling. That’s why the JTAC is here to help pick that perfect song. 

“I listen to a completely different type of music than my friends, so it can be hard to find new music to listen to,” sophomore journalism major, Michael Jones, articulates. 

If you like songs like “Dirty Little Secret” by the All-American Rejects, check out “A Session With My Therapist” by Ariya or “Reset” by Dempsey Hope. These songs keep up the same upbeat tune, fast tempo, and anti-establishment themes. In the same genre, punk rock, there is also the band Magnolia Park, with their song “10 for 10” which touches on the same themes with a different melody. 

For the people who are feeling lost or eager for a new album from Olivia Rodrigo; since Sour has left us in shambles, scrambling for something new to scream with the windows down whilst driving down the highway. Give Jillian Rossi a whirl with her song “Hurt Again”, this song’s rhythm, melody, and catchy lyrics will have you addicted. Another similar artist is Cloudy June, their song “FU In My Head” is perfect for those who have entire love lives purely in their fantasies. On that note, Ella Henderson’s “Ugly” is giving female empowerment and breaking down stereotypes all with a catchy tune. 

On an expedition to find new rap music to listen to? Well you have come to the right place, “Johnny P’s Caddy” by Benny the Butcher and J.Cole has a  nostalgic beat that showcases Benny’s journey rising to the top of the rap game while sampling Dexter Wansel’s Theme From the Planets. Producing a similar flow is “WATERBOYZ” by the EARTHGAND, JID, and J. Cole. Lastly, a new and upcoming artist LITFRANK has a plethora of songs to browse through, but “A Trip of Disaster” has exceptional rhythm and flow. 

For those who just want to catch a vibe, there are a plethora of songs to choose from. For instance, “Persuasive” by Doechii or “Caught a Body” by Iniko. These songs are both melodious, melancholy, and ambient. For a slightly faster and upbeat tempo, “Iced Tea” by Joyce Wrice and KAYTRANADA. 

Spanish listeners, do not fear, Selena Gomez and Becky G. have joined your ranks, and are quickly rising to the top. Selena’s newest Album Revelacion is the work of a genius, a great song with beautiful articulation and a rich texture is “Buscando Amor”. From Becky G and Karol G, “MAMIII” will keep one on their toes with its upbeat tempo. Similarly, “Un Buen Día” by Leslie Grace is passionate, rhythmic and is certainly a great addition to a new playlist.

Keep in mind, a majority of these songs may be explicit. Therefore, if colorful language is not for you, check out the clean versions before giving them a listen. Nevertheless, these songs give a start to some brand new playlists, make a “jams” playlist where all of your favorite songs go and it never fails. 

A person spends around 13 years of their lives listening to music, according to, do not waste them on the confines of certain genres or artists, be explorative, try J or K-pop if you have not already.