Finding Peace in the Silence

Summer at Tarleton

As the spring semester winds down, we see cars coming and going on campus, and many people packing their vehicles to move home. However, if you are like some students, you are not packing up to go home and the end of the semester is just another week for you.

Being on campus over the summer means seeing what Tarleton looks like without hundreds of students roaming campus or the thousands of cars that fill the parking lot. Instead, you really do not see a whole lot.

There are students here and there, but nothing compared to what a typical school year looks like. Summer at Tarleton means seeing a lot of Texan Tours, kids camps, and very few college students.

While there may not be much going on around campus in the summer, this is a great time to find a new workout routine at the rec, go on a walk, or even apply for an on campus job. Tarleton may be a quiet place in the summer, but there is sometimes peace in the quiet.

Tarleton will be closed on July 4 for Independence Day, but other than that, everything you need is available to you as a summer student on campus. Summer Commencement will be the weekend of August 6, so traffic on campus is to be expected.

While living on campus in the summer can be great, it may feel lonely at times because many of the Texans have gone home. It is important to take care of yourself and try to stay busy until the sense of normalcy on campus returns.