From buying to selling, this is the place to be

Chicken House Flea Market

The Chicken House Flea Market, located on Highway 377 towards Dublin, is the perfect place for buyers and vendors to interact with their community. Shop owners can rent out a booth inside or outside to sell their treasures. Some vendors keep their same spot for years to continuously sell their home decor, clothes, jewelry, and more.

Carol McLaughlin, who owns The Macs, has been selling items at Chicken House every month since December of 1997.

“I started out with garage sales, but a friend mentioned to me that she was giving up her spot inside and encouraged me to begin there,” McLaughlin said.

She began wholesaling when moving to Chicken House and tries to keep 85% of the items in her shop new. She determines what items to include in her merchandise by taking note of what sells and purchases more of those items as long as they keep selling. This way her most popular items are always stocked and ready for customers.

“My favorite items for sale are probably the carved wooden figurines and the 3D wolf picture,” McLaughlin stated.

She also sells kids toys for the children who come by with their families.

Angela and Randal of Lovelace Creations have also been loyal vendors to the Chicken House Flea Market. They have had a booth every month since May of 2021, starting in an outside booth and relocated inside in August of 2021. Lovelace Creations is a local hub for handmade items by local artists, including Angela and Randal. They sell a large range of items from keychains and leatherwork to beaded jewelry and car freshies. They try to source all of their materials to produce their products from the United States, Texas specifically.

“The first responders in Dublin really enjoy our car freshies, they even last up to six months,” Angela says.

On May 6 and 7, a car show accompanied the flea market and many local car fanatics showed up and showed out. One family brought three cars that had quite the impact on their family. The Hampton family is very proud of their 1966 El Camino, restored by Jimmy Hampton with the help of his granddaughter. Jimmy Hampton also purchased a 1961 Chevy 4X4 and restored it with the help of his son, Michael, and granddaughter, Larissa.

The first weekend in May was a special occasion as the Chicken House Flea Market is usually only open on the second and fourth weekends of every month.