In it to win it

The MLB standings

The 2022 Major League Baseball Season is in full swing and all of the teams are fighting for their spot in the rankings. Winning their division is a big deal come time for post-season play. 

There are two leagues in the MLB. The National League and the American League. Within the two leagues, there are divisions. These divisions are east, central, and west. The goal is to not only win your division but your league as well. Winning your league gets you a ticket to the world series, every professional baseball player’s dream. 

The American League East is currently being led by the New York Yankees. Their record is 29-10. Close behind is the Tampa Bay Rays who are currently 5.5 games behind. 

The American League Central is led by the Minnesota Twins with a record of 24-16. Their closest competitor is the Chicago White Sox following behind the Twins by 4.5 games. 

The American League West is banking on the Houston Astros who have a record of 26-15. They are just ahead of the Los Angeles Angels by 1.5 games. This division is proving to have the toughest competition right now, with the Astros and Angels being neck and neck. The National League East is headed by the New York Mets whose record is 27-15. They lead the East division by 7 games, with the Atlanta Braves trailing behind them. 

The National League Central has the Milwaukee Brewers atop their division with a record of 26-14. The Brewers lead this division by 4 games with the St. Louis Cardinals behind them. 

The National League West has the Los Angeles Dodgers at the top of their division. The Dodgers record is 27-12. The San Diego Padres are just behind the Dodgers by only 1.5 games. This makes for a very competitive environment and a fun season. 

The regular season for the MLB will conclude on Oct. 2 and post-season play will begin on Oct. 4.