Stephenville’s Moo-La Fest

An udderly epic time

Stephenville held its fourth annual Moo-La Fest  June 3 and 4 at the Stephenville City park. This festival is free to enter and has a little something for just about everyone. 

There is a carnival, food and drink trucks, and so much more. Many people are drawn in because of the merchants that come and set up tents to sell their merchandise. You can find just about anything from succulents, handmade leatherwork, Tarleton State University swag, and even custom tumbler cups. You can also enjoy some live music while watching hot air balloon glows each night as well as a sketch artist. 

Some organizations that are affiliated with Tarleton take time out of their summer vacation in order to help educate younger members of the community during this festival. This year, the Collegiate Farm Bureau had a station for kids to come up and play a matching game with crop names and their pictures such as corn, cotton, and wheat. 

Moo-La Fest takes place during National Dairy Month, so it is fitting that a spokesperson from Southwest Dairy Farmers brought a dairy cow to help educate those who were interested. He explained how the milking process works and how they ensure the cow’s safety and comfort while milking. Erath County is Texas’ leading milk producer with about $140 million in production. 

Think of ways the dairy industry directly affects your life on a daily basis and plan for next year’s Moo-La Fest if you missed out on this fun time.