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Book review: Make Your Bed

When people think of reading books for enjoyment, they think of fiction books with crazy plots and a place to get away from reality. However, nonfiction books can also be a great place to find peace, bliss, and even some motivation. My favorite nonfiction book is “Make Your Bed,” by Admiral William H. McRaven. 

After his groundbreaking speech at a graduation ceremony for the University of Texas in 2014, McRaven’s words became a sensation and he turned it into a book. “Make Your Bed” is full of great advice and life lessons. These lessons are ones McRaven learned during his time in Navy SEAL training. While they may have been learned during his time of service, they are lessons that any person can learn and apply to their own lives that  can lead to a possibility of changing for the better.

I won’t spoil all of the lessons, but I will tell you a couple of my favorites that I have been able to apply to my own life. Lesson number six is to dare greatly. This lesson is all about having the courage and trusting yourself and your abilities. McRaven tells a story about his time in special operations. He encourages his readers to live without fear of failure and understand that you cannot succeed if you do not try. Lesson number eight was to rise to the occasion. He tells a story in this chapter about one of his toughest training missions. The challenge in this chapter is to rise above grief, loss and any other dark times life may bring. Find out who you want to be in your darkest moments and be that person.

“Make Your Bed” is a quick read with a lot of useful information from someone who has been through a lot. These lessons are incredibly applicable and helpful. If motivational books are your style, I highly recommend this book to you!