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Season three Umbrella Academy review, slight spoilers ahead!

On October 1, 1989, 43 women gave birth. The mysterious thing about these births is that none of them were pregnant at the beginning of that day. Eccentric billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves purchases and adopts seven of these children. Each of these children have a special ability and Reginald trains them as an infamous crime fighting team. Such is the plot of “Umbrella Academy.” 

This show is one that is to be easily explained: unique. From time travel to mind control, the students of umbrella academy work to save the world from impending doom. 

Within season one, we are shown each of the seven adopted siblings mostly as adults. Rather than watching them fight crime as children, we watch them battle something a number of people in the real world do, childhood trauma.

Years of being sent on missions and treated as if they were insignificant by their adoptive father, they are left to sort out their feelings on their own when ‘dear old dad’ suddenly passes away.  With the return of their brother they must now stop the world from ending. With the cause being closer to home than they might expect. 

Season one aired in 2019 and immediately gained high amounts of traction due to its out of the box storyline and conflictingly interesting characters. Aidan Gallagher’s portrayal of a man lost in time was a crowd pleaser for most. This season builds the world in which these seven siblings live and the finale left viewers on their toes alluding to a second season. 

The second season showcases the siblings being sent back to the 1960’s in Dallas, Texas for most of the siblings this time period is less than pleasant. When Five, also known as Aidan, once again foresees the end of the world he must gather up his siblings to stop it. 

During this season, we see many of the siblings in relationships and learning about themselves. This time around they must find the cause of not only the end of the world but the start of nuclear war. Diego,number two, portrayed by David Castaneda’s obsession with saving John F. Kennedy brings forth what many of these characters fear, the reality of being emotionally stunted adults. 

Season two was added to Netflix’s roster almost a year after the first. This season showed the realism of being  black, gay, and mentally ill in the 60’s. By the end of the season many of these characters were able to think about how their treatment as children affected them and how it carried over into their adult lives. All the while on the run from the time agency sent to kill them once again. The season ends with the gang returning to their timeline, or so they think.

Season three’s storyline was definitely unhinged. With an unexpected scene which was induced by another character “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” style. We are introduced to a whole new set of super powered characters by the name of Sparrow Academy. Unlike their usual battle’s against the end of the world the gang now must face a new challenge, the end of the universe. The characters now must juggle potentially new siblings, the revived father, and the grief of losing loved ones. 

After making viewers wait over two years, season three was everything viewers wanted and more. The growth of these characters was immense; many characters were given the closure they desired but at a price. Allison Hargreeves, portrayed by Emmy Raver-Lampman, transforms from being one of the most beloved characters to being public enemy number one.  Her transformation showcases her outstanding characterization, starting out as a woman who wants to reconnect with her daughter, season three Allison is on a warpath fueled by grief. We are also able to get more representation shown throughout the season as we are able to view an openly trans man, Vitkor (Elliot Page). The nonchalant love shown by the family makes his transition into his authentic self that much more endearing. With even more surprises throughout the show, it makes viewers beg for a season four. 

This is definitely a show that one would have to see to believe and after watching share with others. This action filled fantasy show has something for everyone. Family tension, comedy, romance, and super powered battles. As it is currently streaming on Netflix I suggest that those who have not had the pleasure of viewing this show to healthily binge it immediately.