Heat like no other

How to survive the Texas summer heat

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…cooler weather!  Let’s be honest, even ice cream wouldn’t do the trick in this hot of weather. Texas heat is notorious for its record-breaking temperatures and smoldering humidity. Heat like this tends to create a domino effect. Texas summers can also get moderately dangerous as well; heat stroke, dehydration, heat deprivation, etc. It’s important to be cautious and prepare yourself accordingly.

Texas heat seems to get warmer and warmer each year, however that’s not always the case. For instance, Erath county has been almost a degree lower than the average Texas temperature, which is 64 degrees Fahrenheit, for two years now. To counteract, in 2019, Erath’s average temperature was more than  2 degrees over Texas’s average. The heat changes from year to year, rain and humidity are factors to consider when figuring out Texas heat. As far as a heat pattern in Texas goes, there isn’t one. In a chart provided by USA Facts that covers the last century of Texas weather, there is clearly no pattern to how cold or hot it gets in Texas. 

Humidity plays a big role in how hot it feels outside. Humidity can make the temperature feel up to 5 degrees warmer outside. The average humidity level in Texas is 40%, which can be comfortable in 70 degree weather as opposed to 95-100 degree weather. This kind of mix of high humidity and high temperatures can be unsafe to sensitive groups that have a hard time cooling off their bodies. 

Right now, rain is the biggest issue. Texas is one of the top producers of food. The lack of rain not only causes the temperature to feel higher, but hurts the many farmers across Texas. Bigger commercial farms with hundreds of acres do not have the resources to finance the development of their crops. This is one of the reasons there is a food shortage. Things you can do to beat the heat and help others as well includes; not having excessive electricity on, staying hydrated, protecting yourself from the sun, etc. Not using excessive electricity can help others by relieving the workers at the power plants. Summers are the hardest time for power plants not only because of the heat making people use their AC units daily, but schools are out so students and teachers are home more to use electricity. Next, hydration is the key to beating the heat. Being dehydrated is not fun or safe. Avoid dark colors since they absorb more heat, instead wear light colors and thinner clothing. Staying cool outside isn’t easy, however, it’s not impossible.

The Texas heat is brutal for everyone and everything. Be careful and pay attention to the high temperature before planning anything outside. Stay safe and drink lots of water when you’re outside, and a little ice cream wouldn’t hurt either. To find out more about the Texas heat, visit usafacts.org and to learn more about beating the heat visit www.healthline.com