Is that my alarm?

Texan Hall residents evacuated following 3 story flood



Stephenville Fire Department arrived on the scene moments after students evacuated the building.

Texan Hall, formerly known as Bosque Crossing, is the newest addition to the Tarleton housing buildings. The apartment complex exhibits a spacious parking garage, fitness room, game room, and pool area for hanging out with friends and having a cookout. When the building officially became Tarleton student housing, Texan Hall became the place to be.  That was until the morning of Tuesday the 23.

The fire alarms were set off at approximately 8:30 am, awakening many of its residents following a huge leak on the third floor. 

Upon arrival, the Tarleton State Police Department did safety checks and ensured that residents were evacuated while the Stephenville Fire Department inspected the leak. Around 9:30am, residents were cleared to re-enter the building. 

Promptly after the incident, residents were sent an email with instructions on how to report damages and what to do if they happened to miss class. 

All Texan Hall residents are safe and wide awake today!