Welcome to Hell Paso

Review of Koe Wetzel’s new album

Koe Wetzel released his latest album Sept. 16, “Welcome to Hell Paso,” which features 13 tracks. In the lead up to the new album, two singles were released, “Creeps” and “April Showers.” Excluding the two singles, “Cabo” is the most streamed song on the album, which was published by Columbia Records.

Wetzel attended Tarleton State University in 2011, where he played linebacker for the football team. Stephenville has become a second home for Wetzel, where he has played multiple shows and was once managed by 4-Tay Artist Management of Stephenville, Texas. Part of his music video to “Forever” was also recorded at Stephenville’s Bostocks Billiards and Bar. 

Since the album’s release, many listeners, including myself, have had the soundtrack on repeat. Fans were excited about the release and there seems to be an overwhelming positive response. Koe Wetzel and his new album could best be described as ‘western grunge.’ I was shocked at the sudden release, given Wetzel had teased on his social media that he was not sure what day he would be dropping his new album. 

While it may be hard to pick my favorite song off the album, given I love them all, if I had to pick one it would be “Oklahoma Sun.” While I’m a big fan of  “Welcome to Hell Paso,” I tend to skip the introduction track and mid-break track. I’m an avid listener of all Koe Wetzel songs and the Texas Country music scene, so it is no secret I love this album. This album holds a song that everyone can relate to, so if you have not taken a listen for yourself, you are missing out.

The album’s promotional marketing features a website and phone number listeners can visit. If you want to find out how far you are from Hell Paso, visit roadtohellpaso.com, or call 855-HEL-PASO for a surprise.