Room 14

A scary short story

On Halloween night of 1986, a horrendous and unspeakable crime happened in a luxurious hotel off of the strip in Las Vegas. The problem, no one knew the victim nor how they ended up in the elevator. When news of a woman’s dead body was found hanging from the elevator broke, the hotel ended up gaining visitors. Everyone was interested in what happened to Jane Doe. The next big issue, the beginnings of a serial killer who would come out every few years and never leave a sign. The only thing they knew for sure was that every victim stayed in room 14 on the 11th floor. 

On Halloween night of 2019, a group of teenagers, two guys and two girls, decided to take a trip to Las Vegas.. They decided to stay at the luxurious hotel on the strip which they knew was notorious for the interesting kills every few Halloweens, but they did not realize they got assigned the room- 14, 11th floor.. The only reason the room was still open was because the killer had not done anything in 10 years. Everyone thought he had been caught or died. 

When the friends started unpacking in the room, they began to notice things, like how the bed was drilled into the floor, notches on the bed frame, a weird chemical smell they just could not shake, and finally a stain in the floor under the rug. They all had a weird feeling, but no one chose to speak up. After they finished unpacking, they decided to split up for the evening and would regroup at midnight, little did they know they would never see eachother again.The girls decided to stay in and watch a scary movie, and the boys decided to go off to a party on the strip. 

“ I think we are being followed,”  one of the boys, Adam, says to the other, James, while on the strip.

“No way, you’re just seeing things,” James replies. 

They continue to walk while Adam continues to notice a figure following them throughout the street. Whenever he would look back, the figure would disappear. Adam then began to believe his friend that he was just seeing things. They get to the party when all the sudden James feels a pinch behind his arm, he starts to feel lightheaded and dizzy. He looks to Adam, but he is nowhere to be found. He calls out for him, but his voice is distorted and when he finally gets a response, it is from a hooded person who refuses to identify himself. They take James to a van at the back of the venue and that is when he sees Adam laying face down already in the back of the van. He calls out to see if his friend is responsive, but he gets nothing. On the ride back to the hotel, they both float in and out of consciousness and cannot talk to each other, instead they look at each other with fear in their eyes. 

They feel the van stop and the hooded figure gets out. He comes around back and blindfolds them. He then begins to take them up the stairs. When they reach the room, they began to hear screaming. They recognize it as the girls and hear the following interaction.

“Shut up or I will kill you all.”

“We’ll give you whatever you want!”

“What I want, you can’t give me, I need to take it from you.” 

“Please don’t kill us.” 

“I will do as I please.” 

They then begin to gain feeling once again in their body, so they try to fight back. They then come to realize they are bound by both hands and feet to the girls. Adam and James then try and ask if the girls are okay, but all they hear are muffled responses. Next, they hear shuffled feet and someone gets yanked up.

“You’re first.” 

The hooded figure then begins to do as he pleases to the girl. He starts off by unblindfolding her and allowing her to see him. He then moves on to the torture, he wanted her to watch. He does the unspeakable acts that mangle and distort the poor girl into what became of the first Jane Doe. The others just hear her screams. 

No one knows what happened to them. All that was left of the rest of them was parts and pieces all over the hotel for the guest to find. No one was able to identify the victims for years and this case ended up becoming a national and worldwide fascination. No one was ever able to find “The Room 14 Mangler.” He is said to still kill when he feels the sick need on Halloween night.