The Cow Tongue

A scary short story about a girl who’s forced to live with his grandmother and then something happens…

This is a story about a girl who gets sent away with her grandmother during the fall. Her grandma is super rude to her, so the girl does not spend a lot of time with her. Instead, she mostly hides. However, after school, she would come home and do a bunch of chores. Kind of like a Cinderella thing.

Although her grandmother cooks the most terrible food in the world, she cannot do anything about it because she is always hungry. Her grandma forces her to eat, so her choice would not have mattered anyway. One night though, grandma brings this giant tongue home, a cow tongue. Now, the girl has had worse, but something felt odd, so she did not want to try it. Her grandma, in anger, tells her that she is never going to feed her ever again and sends her upstairs to her room. For her part, grandma eats the tongue whole, bit by bit, until it is devoured. 

A few moments pass, and as the girl is in her room, she starts hearing this groaning sound coming from her grandmother, like she is in pain. She starts getting concerned about whether or not she should check up on her until the groaning stops and it gets super quiet. 

She goes to check on her, “Grandma, are you okay?”

“Yes, now get out of my room,” Grandma says.

So, the girl heads back to her room. As she is walking back, she hears a knock on the door. She rushes to check immediately, wondering who it could possibly be at this late hour. When she opens the door, no one is there, so she closes the door. When Grandma did not ask who it was, that was when she began to feel as if there was something wrong. She goes upstairs and finds her grandmother in bed, lying down. Before the girl could check, she heard another knock. This time she is mad and wonders if kids are playing around with her. She comes back downstairs and opens the door, but no one is there. She starts screaming, “OK, it’s not funny anymore!” It’s dead silent. 

All of a sudden, she hears the knocks again, and again, and so on. Now she is freaking out. She does not want to make her grandma mad by waking her up, so she begins running toward her neighbor’s house for help. She starts hearing the knock louder and can hear someone running after her. Thinking that it could be her grandma, she stops and looks back. It is… but something is attached to her stomach and her grandma is not standing up straight. Before the girl could start running again, the thing started to attack her, and as she caught a glimpse of who it could be, it was the cow tongue.