Making our mark: Grab a Grassburr

With the spring semester comes new opportunities, new friends, new memories, and of course, the cherished annual events. While there are many events that hold a great meaning to our campus, some hold great emotional value. 

For example, Grab a Grassburr, formerly known as Grassburr Fest, is a large celebration that holds meaning to the creators of the book, the advisors that helped them along the way, and the students that get to hold their memories in their hand. The event will take place on Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023 in the Barry B. Thompson student center. 

The Grassburr editor team works endlessly throughout the school year to create a book that the student body will appreciate and hold onto forever. While the whole group works day after day to perfect the book, their Editor-in-Chief, Kylan Mills, holds a great amount of responsibility. 

She must create the ideas for the Grassburr, create the cover and its meaning, set up the event, and so much more. 

“To be the Editor-in-Chief of the Grassburr, it takes the ability to turn everyday moments into memories. This job allows me to be able to make this piece of memories worth it to every student,” Mills expressed.

Grab a Grassburr is an event where the cover of the next book will be presented, students can get the following year’s Grassburr, and appreciation is shown for the book and its creators. 

“Grab a Grassburr is the new event for the huge distribution event for our yearbooks,” Mills explained. 

Many have questions regarding the change of the event’s name. While Tarleton is growing, Mills wanted to show that the Grassburr is making advancements as well. 

“In the past the name was Grassburr Fest, but we decided to rebrand this year and wipe that all away. We did this because in the change of what Tarleton is moving forward to, we wanted the Grassburr to evolve as well,” Mills shared. 

Grab a Grassburr is going to be a memory maker. Bringing the student body together to share their memories, laughter, and gratitude for the book, is a feeling that many would not want to miss. 

“I am most excited to reveal the cover and theme of the 2023 Grassburr! My team has been working so hard to give another great book to the Tarleton student body and I cannot wait for them to be able to look forward to this while also getting their own 2022 Grassburr,” Mills said. 

While the student body gets to show their appreciation for Mills and her team, there is also appreciation from the Grassburr team themselves. 

 “The most rewarding part of making the Grassburr is upholding tradition. This book has been a part of Tarleton history since 1916, so to be able to be a part of continuing that is rewarding in itself,” Mills shared.

Grab a Grassburr is an important Tarleton event that the whole university gets to share. While the event shows much importance, the Grassburr itself holds much meaning. 

“Ever since 1916, except one year, the Grassburr has allowed us to share memories to future generations, allowing them to see how everything has changed and tradition has been upheld, so I believe that alone is why the Grassburr is important. Without the Grassburr, we would not be able to see that tradition and hold that tradition,” Mills explained. 

So, join us as Grab a Grassburr to get your hands on your 2022 Grassburr and join the student body in this annual event. Be prepared to make new memories and have fun while the Grassburr editor team shows off their hard work and dedication to this tradition.