Travel warnings for Mexico may affect spring breakers

Tips for safety while traveling

News stations across the country are reporting the tourist safety warnings in Mexico, many expressing the violence and danger that many tourists face. 

The travel warning itself has been in effect since October 5, 2022. The list of areas in Mexico not to visit keeps getting longer due to violence rises and kidnappings. 


At the moment, the do not travel list is as follows: Comilla, Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas due to crime and kidnapping. In these areas, there are limitations to those that have to be there. For example, the U.S. government employees have restrictions to the areas they are allowed to be in and may or may not have enforced curfews to allow the safety of all of those involved.  


The areas on the reconsider travel list are as follows- Baja California, Chihuahua State, Durango State, Guanajuato State, Jalisco State, Morelos State, and Sonora State due to crime and kidnapping. U.S Government Employees have certain areas of each state that they are restricted from and some areas they have restrictions from being in during certain hours. 


The areas on the use extreme caution list are as follows: Aguascalientes, Baja California Sur, Chiapas, Coahuila, Hidalgo, Mexico City, Mexico State, Nayarit, Nuevo Leon, Oaxaca, Puebla, Queretaro, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosi, Tabasco, Tlaxcala, and Veracruz due to the crime and kidnapping. In these states, the U.S government employees may have some restrictions, may not, depending on the level of violence in the state. 


This affects individuals going to Mexico during spring break because it limits most of Mexico from being explored. The reason this has been at the fronthold of people’s attention is because the nearing of spring break means many people will fall prey to the problems of Mexican gangs and cartels. 


The government of Canada brings the advice to remain vigilant at all times, remain in tourist areas, be very cautious on major highways, avoid traveling at night, and monitor local media closely. With the following major crimes that happen in Mexico, they give the following advice- 

Armed robbery- Stay in hotels/ resorts with good security, if you are threatened, stay calm and do not resist, avoid withdrawing or exchanging money in public areas of the airport. Assault- avoid walking after dark- especially alone, avoid isolated areas, stay in hotels/ resorts with good security, and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. 


Kidnappings- comply with kidnappers request, do not attempt to resist. 

Express Kidnappings- Use only a reputable taxi company or trusted ride-sharing app, book taxis through your hotel or an authorized taxi stand. 

Virtual Kidnappings- Do not discuss travel plans within earshot of strangers, do not divulge personal business details to strangers in person or over the phone, and if you are threatened on the phone, hang up immediately.


Women’s Safety- Exercise caution when dealing with strangers or recent acquaintances, be wary of rides or other invitations, avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Spiked food or drink- Never leave food or drink unattended or in the care of strangers, be wary of accepting snacks, beverages, gum, or cigarettes from new friends.


All this and more can be found on the website- All of this said, if you plan to travel to Mexico over spring break, be careful and do not travel alone.