Oculus is currently showing in Stephenville.

Oculus is currently showing in Stephenville.

Christopher Rust/Staff Writer

Relativity Pictures and WWE Studios bring audiences yet another horror film about mirrors and their ability to kill people, or make other people kill people. Karen Gillan (“Doctor Who,” Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”) stars as Kaylie Russell, whose brother Tim (Brenton Thwaites) was charged with murdering their father 11 years before the events of the film. Kaylee sets out to prove a 17th century mirror was truly responsible for the murder, along with 44 others within the last 400 years of its existence, by conducting a video-documented experiment with the mirror’s manipulative powers and its bending of reality.

The previews for this film actually looked pretty good to me, as I liked Kiefer Sutherland’s “Mirrors” and I am currently nursing a crush on Karen Gillan. The actual film itself, however was a major disappointment, due to terrible acting, plot holes so big you can throw a summer blockbuster through them, and a story that felt completely unresolved with an ending that brought no closure at all.

Those that saw the theatrical trailer for this film saw the phrases “What is past?” “What is present?” and “What is real?” and watching this movie answered none of those questions as the movie switched back and forth between past and present so much, it almost gave me epilepsy, and never touched on whether any of the delusions we saw were real or not, leaving me even wondering if anything I saw during the film even happened.

Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” never seemed more realistic to me after watching this film.

This film displayed no originality by using scare-tactics from the last 50 years of horror, and I actually found myself laughing at half of the film and its ludicrous attempt to impress audiences.

If you’re looking for an overly dramatic horror wannabe/comedy with less substance than a black hole, then Oculus should meet your expectations.

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