Cowboy Capital Rollergirl of the week: Little Tank Lulu



Justin Green / Reporter


The J-TAC (JTAC) – What is your name?

Little Tank LuLu (LTL)- My real name or my roller derby name? My real name is Edith Luna, my roller derby name is Little Tank LuLu.


JTAC – How did you get that name?

LTL – I had a friend, that when he found out I was in roller derby, told me that you need to have ‘tank’ in your name, but little because you’re not very tall.


JTAC- What position do you play?                                                                                                    

LTL – Everything, I play jammer, blocker and pivot.


JTAC- How long have you been in roller derby?

LTL – Since we started out in October. I started out, Ashley had an article in the Empire Tribune and I saw it and showed up to practice and loved it. I’ve been here ever since.


JTAC – How did you get into skating?

LTL – Skating, I did it as a kid and I really enjoyed it, it was so much fun. When I saw the opportunity for roller derby I thought, ‘oh man, here’s my chance to skate again.’


JTAC – Have you ever been injured or hurt while in roller derby?

LTL – Yea, there’s injuries all the time. I get bumps, bruises, hurt shoulders, pulled groins, it’s everything, its a mix. But luckily I haven’t broken any bones or torn any ligaments. Nothing serious.


JTAC – How do you feel about the new arena?

LTL – I’m so excited. It’s going to be huge, because now we’re at a bigger place, we have our new sport court, I’m really excited to skate on that, the amenities are going to be so much better for our fans and for the skaters.


JTAC – Do you have any other duties on the team?

LTL – I’m the vice president of the team, a board member. I pretty much fill in where they need me. If somebody’s absent, I fill in there and I’m also a last minute runner, I’ll get an email ‘this needs to be done, do this real quick.’


JTAC – What is your favorite part about roller derby?

LTL – It’s got to be being back on skates. I enjoy roller skating, I’ve always enjoyed it, it’s so much fun for me.