Cowboy Capital Rollergirl of the week – Psycho Filly

Kenneth Brisendine / Editor-In-Chief

The J-TAC: How did you choose your name?

Psycho Filly: We were in Scottsdale, Arizona and there was a one-man-band called Psycho Billy, and it just fit… Psycho Filly.


JTAC: What position do you play?

PF: Jammer. I do block some. I’m assistant captain, so I’m kind of like momma of the team too, but that’s kind of my job.


JTAC: How long have you been playing?

PF: How long? We started in October.


JTAC: Of last year?

PF: Yeah, October 2011. And, that was the first time that I had done anything derby, learned the rules, found out everything about it. I’d skated before, I grew up skating and figure skating, but had never done anything derby.


JTAC: Have you ever been injured?

PF: Not skating. A few minor, you know, hurts and things, nothing major.


JTAC: How do you feel about the move to the new venue?

PF: I am so excited! There is not words to describe how excited I am about it. It’s something we pushed for, and hoped for, and worked for from day one. But, we wanted it to go smooth. So, it’s really just a dream come true. And, to do it within a year is amazing.


JTAC: Will you be playing on the 25th against the Wicked Outlaws?

PF: No, I am on… well we call it A and B team. I am on the A travel team, so no. I will be assisting, working behind the scenes.


JTAC: You kind of answered this already, but do you have any other duties to the league?

PF: I am fund raising chairman and [Gillotine Grace] and I are the ones who founded the team. So, you know it’s mother hen, for anything and everything that goes on there’s lots of behind the scenes. So, my official title is fund raising chairman, but it never stops there.


JTAC: Do you have anything else that you want to add?

PF: It’s amazing that we’ve grown to two teams over 30 girls within a year. And, we’re always recruiting, I think that’s something that I want to stress too, that we’re always recruiting and it’s not even just skaters, if you don’t think a contact sport is for you. Referees, NSOs, that’s our non-skating officials, we need people to help with merchandise; we need people to help with set-up, taking tickets. So, volunteers, helpers, we recruit anybody and everybody, so everybody can find a place in the CCR I think.


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