Former Tarleton basketball player indicted

Clifford Jones / Visual Media Editor

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Former Tarleton basketball player Shedrick Haynes, 24, was recently indicted for alleged second degree felony counts of burglary of a habitation that occurred in July of 2011, according to the Stephenville Empire-Tribune.

Arrest warrants have been obtained for both Shedrick Haynes and Zach Hannible Nelson.

Allegedly Haynes and his accomplice Nelson (who has yet to be indicted) committed several burglaries with victims that include members of the TexAnn basketball team.

Haynes was arrested in March when items that were stolen in July of 2011 were found in a pawn shop in another state in their name, according to the Empire-Tribune.

They were caught when they tried to sell stolen books using false names but their real University Identification Numbers according to the Texan News Service

Haynes is currently in his home state of Florida and is being represented by Stephenville attorney Shay Isham, according to the Empire-Tribune.